Two Unseeded Teens Battle Their Way Into US Open Final


Head to the courts. Now center court at arthur ashe stadium. That is tomorrow is the. Us open's women's final though you'd be excused for thinking. It's a junior's match. Two teenagers murad o'connor from the uk and layla fernandez from canada. Are squaring off in flushing meadow in queens new york sports writer. A springer joins us now. She writes about the intersection of sports in society. So this match between two teenagers. A condo and fernandez are we witnessing history here shera in some respects were witnessing history is the first time. Two teenagers have met in the final of a major since the nineteen ninety nine. Us open. That was when serena williams who was then seventeen defeated martina hingis who was than eighteen however at that point in nineteen ninety nine williams and hinges. Were already well known tennis stars. That is not the case for rod kanu and fernandez.

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