President Biden, Governor Gavin Newsom And Senator Elizabeth Warren discussed on Purity Products


Unaccounted for, and it's on Clear how many have been injured or hospitalized. President Biden travels to California Monday to rally support from battled. California Governor Gavin Newsom was facing a recall election on Tuesday. President Biden will be stumping for him in Long Beach tomorrow, the president among many top Democrats to campaign for Newsome, including VP Kamala Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren, But GOP frontrunner Larry Elder says the recall is not about political affiliation. But rather a referendum on change with hot button issues like homelessness and failing infrastructure in the state foxes Marianne Rafferty experts say that if California went red, it could jeopardize Democratic control of the Senate. Gas prices ticking back up again Industry analysts Toby Lundberg, the average price of regular grade gasoline is 3 25. It's up two cents from two weeks ago. But this actually just cancels out the two cent drop in the prior two week period. So we have the same prices we had one month ago. The lowest prices in Houston at 2 74 Gallon, the highest in San Francisco at 4 48. America is listening. Fox News Taking a look at KSFO Traffic will start in Valeo 80.

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