Ellie Kempton, MSN, RDN On Preparing for Race Day With Taper Nutrition


I know from being an athlete for so long and really been given so much advice from so many who loved me and wanted me to do well. I think my purpose as well as to cut pass the noise and get right down to the signal of just the simple few things to focus on so it will be eye candy when you look at this little roadmap because there's only three things to think about two weeks out and the first one is actually maybe let's go back to play the most playful one. I'm going to ask you to play with foods. That are robust. Just busting at the seams with vitamin c. Why bet well. Here's the deal. I don't know about you. But i know when i put a lot of pressure on myself in the past and i'm heading into my final week of taper. I start to feel a little scratch in the back of my throat starts to feel little congestion. I feel super fatigued and bam. I'm sick with a cold. So i am proactively. Giving your body by asking you to eat foods rich in vitamin c and giving your body a little bit extra defense. I'm helping it out by giving it some protection because vitamin c is really good at fighting some of the oxidative stress that comes from your body repairing itself. I mean it takes work. That's probably why you feel. It's why you feel a little bit of fatigue going into tapers your body's pairing itself and if it doesn't have some of the protection it needs it falls prey to whatever you come in contact with. It's it's a have a natural response to get sick when you are repairing absolutely one so we're talking everything from citrus fruits. Two peppers strawberries. But you also say you could also supplement. I mean and what is that a good idea for everybody or is it district people who don't like fruits and vegetables. Can you get enough vitamin c. It's more or less your personality type right like. Do you want to commit to eating some of the vitamin rich or vitamin c rich foods consistently every day. Or do you just want to cover your basis with a little bit of an insurance policy. My personality type. I'm all about the food. But i also wanna just know that i got at least a thousand milligrams right so i will pop a few vitamin c. packets in my bag for work and just make sure i grabbed one a day and it just bolsters my defense before. I even feel anything coming on.

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