A highlight from Deuteronomy in the New Testament


Number twelve deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty one daniel duda lesson twelve. Now which is deuteronomy in the new testament. We're going to begin with prayer from. Neil who is all the way back in new jersey so neil ardor kind of move other. We thank you for providing the information for us to learn to study about you. Thank you for sending your son to remind us and teach us more about you in the overcome to character. Assassination that had gone on for four thousand years guide direct us in our study open on hearts and minds your ways so that we can show the world what you are like these things we ask jesus precious only name. Amen amen thank you. Neil saw less number. Twelve your turn on me if i asked you which old testament book is the most quoted in the new testament. What would you say to me. Sorry it's not i. Would you say that if we did not have a quarter on determine i yeah i agree. Okay bill degrees. I say that jesus was reading from. Jesus was reading in the synagogue from isaiah. Sixteen neal says okay. Which things do you remember from your childhood religious education. The most roberts psalms okay but on. I don't know about you. But for me the songs which i have been singing in my childhood from certain version of the hymnal The ones that stick with me. So i can make vera smile in various occasions because i can quote lines from the religious songs completely out of context out of place which makes it funny. You know remember. I was exposed to the english hymnal. Only when i was twenty. Two and i came to new boat for the first time before that i never heard about english him now or any of the english hymns saw the first is it. Of course the book of psalms with sixty eight quotes than you have isaiah that you mentioned fifty five and then surprise surprise next comes tournament with forty four direct quotes and of course would be interesting to see which ones of them would be most revealing to look at and you will get five that less than off chose for you and because most teachers will be frantically listening to the recording on friday night as they have to teach tomorrow high suggestive. Follow the lesson so that it some blessing to them and hopefully will be blessed in the process and swell song. Let's go to matthew four. Then jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. He fasted for forty days and forty nights and afterwards he was famished. The temperature came and said to him. If you are the son of god command these stones to become loaves of bread but he answered it is written.

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