Biden Wanders out of Place While First Lady Speaks at D.C. Middle School


Let's talk about what's happening in dc. Today we had after that to that angry announcement yesterday that you will get actually needed biden with his wife went to school in. Dc to talk about vaccinations and then and then this video. This incredible video from c. span was broadcast. Play the cuts of the wandering old man and secretary dona and mayor bowser and chancellor farabi you know. Thank you for joining us as well and for families across the country. You know the school year. Gosh it always brings this sort of mix of the motions for all of us all at once. We feel the anticipation of new classmates and teachers. You know the relief of not having a here a just disappear just one does office. His wife is talking. Somebody said come and get your eyes screen. Where's it coli. And and i've been asking this larger question for a long time. Dr jill biden right. She's having her husband. Go out there and put on this charade. It is obvious to anybody who's even a quarter logical to. This man does not have as faculties about him. Why are they doing. This shouldn't she. Shouldn't you care about them to a point of saying you know what this is enough. Is it because everybody hates kamala. Her so much that can't even fathom giving her the oval office. Maybe she and we talked about this before. Maybe kamala harris job security for joe biden but this is a sad state and you know it's one thing to laugh but you know who's not laughing and rubbing their palms together it's china it's iran russia right. They're excited this is great for them. They go from having a powerhouse. And president trump who stands for america who american greatness america. First to this weakling. And joe biden. This is great for our enemies is great for adversaries. Terrible for american

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