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Hey guys i'm whitney port and this with wet a lot of you may know me from reality. Tv and the reality is a lot's happened since the hills with the which is dedicated to having real raw and occasionally ridiculous conversations with the people who have had a profound impact on me. Life changing moments life-changing people because on with web very little off limits. I actually just finished responding to a bunch of questions on my instagram about cozy co. I wanted to do something interactive and as you all know it's really important to me to involve all you in this process because you are the ones who will be wearing everything and the ones who like when i see on the street wearing it or in pictures like make me the happiest possible so i want to do more like that. Please always feel free to. Dm me any questions. Follow cozy co on instagram because it is such like a beautifully curated profile. And you can shop everything on there. You can ask them anything you want. I drop into and will answer stuff anyways. Go check them out if you want to hear more about my line but this episode is a bow work and it's just like a general work update so i thought it would be suitable to tell you guys where to go at the top of it if you're interested in hearing about what i'm up to but basically if you don't already know i am the designer of cozy co and. We started out launching april with a lot of lounge wear and really comfy cozy vibes. Close that you can style with central's in your wardrobe closed. That will never go out of style close to lounge on the couch and closed zainuddin. Sustainable a sustainable eco friendly way. Because as i've talked about before especially with my collaboration with rent there one way. The fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries. When it comes to pollution on this world. So i just wanted to make sure that i could marry my passion with helping. And that is cozy co so right now. I guess just to get into current projects and upcoming projects. That i'm excited about. One is obviously cozy co. we just launched our sundown collection. And if you haven't checked it out you should check it out word. Launching on the third week of september our next collection which has multiple colors of the dads sweatshirt. some really great new lounge pieces and some great great great layering jacket pieces. I know a lot of you love. Like any of those at quilted. Or patchwork or terry sweater lounge e additional layers. That i wear and so i wanted to make sure to design something like that for you so that will be coming. The color story is like plum. -til sand wash black ivory a petrol. Which like this beautiful. Wash blue so really gorgeous. Rich towns were trying to play with color a little bit more to. I know that sometimes when it comes to color for me you know. I'm very inspired by nature. An interesting unique color anything sometimes with close like a dozen always translate well or it looks like something that people can't necessarily see in their wardrobe and so i obviously always want to stay true to myself and wanted design with my aesthetic and what i gravitate towards two in mind but i also want to design things like i said that people will actually wear. So we're trying to design a little bit more within a caller story that feels really accessible and feels more like you can wear it year round styled with anything near wardrobe

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