What’s Next for Fall Film Releases?


I out of the gate for this fall is a movie called shang. She and the legend of the ten rings. It's a marvel movie and marvel finally deciding to have an asian hero in its movie. That's a long time coming. And when you see it you're going to see a story that is modern touch because this guy on plagued by smooth lou. He is in really fierce fighting form but his father was played by the great. Tome lung is an immortal and he doesn't want him to do it. He's doing which is parking cars in a san francisco hotel talent hanging out with akwa. Seen you get what i mean. It's the martial arts that makes this must sit okay. next up. Is the power of the dog as everybody knows especially critic which is may that september is the month where their film festivals everywhere from venison telluride to toronto in new york and the one film to rule them. All is the power of the dark. It's a western set in nineteen twenty five montana and new zealand. Filmmaker jane campion. Who did the piano is the director sir. First movie in twelve years. Expect real awards bus around benedict cumberbatch. She's playing a brutal acid tongue rancher who gets tensions going in ablaze when his brother brings home a new bride and everything goes crazy and deserve this film is sets nature's beauty against toxic masculinity. These are two things that are really updates days next step. The eyes of tammy faye jessica chastain goes all in this. She's backwards on the eyelashes end. The make up to play tammy faye bakker the late televangelist who turned her christian news program into a profitable industry until a sex scandal involving her first husband. Jim baker played by entry. Barfield just brought the whole house card. Sam

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