How Will the Taliban Govern Afghanistan?


Now that the taliban has swept back into power in afghanistan after twenty years of war there shortly planning to reveal a new government. The new administration is keen to be recognized by the west as a legitimate power as the country faces economic meltdown and his badly in need of donor. Funds will join me on the line. Now is lynn o'donnell former ap and af bureau chief in afghanistan lynn. Thanks for coming on the program again. Before two thousand one when the taliban previously controlled the country what was the system of government. They used the hydro georgina. Thanks for having me on. It was pretty much a top down system with mullah omar the woman i'd later and co founder of the organization. Very much in charge. We're seeing now is is pretty much It looks like they going to have the man who has The job the position. That laura my head harbour tiller khanzada also as a symbolic head with finger bad conservatories that he hasn't been seen in public for a couple of years and they have been rumors that he died of covered last year. So there remains to be seen. But i'm below that pew type sort of symbolic position There is likely to be twelve man governing shura council and there were there was talk a couple of weeks diamonds. People that i was discussing this with that they would be. They were aiming for an inclusive style of government. That would bring me in People from an ethnic and religious groups that are not of the Same ilk the as the taliban instance Has ours was based at tadjiks and as she is but what they've been doing. So far indicates says inclusivity is not really likely to be at the heart of what if a government i come up with in the near

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