The Disappearance of Ryan Shtuka

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It's mid february two thousand eighteen in beaumont alberta a town about forty minutes outside edmonton and heather. Stupa is enjoying her saturday night at home with her husband's scott and their two teenage daughters. They have one more kid ryan. I mean i say kid but actually is twenty and he doesn't live with them anymore. He's out chasing adventure with a friend. Working at a ski resort called sun peaks for the winter now about ten. Pm and heather is in the midst of texts conversation when a notification pops up on her screen. From one of ryan's friends. This guy. james sexually the friend that he went out to sun peaks with for the winter and kinda registers at the messages. From james. And things you know. I wonder what he wants but before she gets to that. She wants to finish what she's doing so she just kind of like swipes up to clear the notification finish her thought or her little tech chain or whatever and then clicks back and as. She's reading this message from his friend. It's almost not registering. What james is saying. Which is basically like heads up. Ryan didn't show up for work today. He's not answering his phone. And we're worried so we just went ahead and reported him missing to police. So you're probably going to be getting a call just like f. Why heather immediately gets james on the phone. He's like okay. What the heck is going on. Start from the top. Tell me what happened the that maybe she can just help. Take the temperature down. A couple of notches like problem. Solve this mom style. Yeah is this just a couple of friends freaking out over nothing right. Yeah get him involved. I totally support us. James says that he and ryan and group of other friends had gone out on friday night. I see this bar on the resort called mommas then according to jean strong's reporting for the sun peaks independent news to another place right next door called bottoms for this like silent. Disco thing that they had going on silent. Disco is like when everybody gets their own pair of headphones. And that's how you hear music that the dj is playing right. Yeah okay well in true twenty year old fashioned. James says that no one was really ready to go home when bottoms close for the night at one. Am so they decided to all head down the hill and off the resort to this like little get together that they heard was going on. This was happening at a house. That was just around the corner from where james and ryan lived anyway so they figured like okay. We're gonna head down there. Maybe have another drink and then we'll just go home. They ended up catching a lift down from the bar to the bottom of the hill and then they were walking the rest of the way to the house party and listen to me. This whole trip took like ten minutes tops by one thirty. Though james was ready to go home he tells heather that he saw ryan stand up and he thought that he was right behind him. In a couple of other people who had left the same time but somewhere during their walk home i guess they looked around and realized he wasn't

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