Grassley Will Run for 8th Term in Senate


The other bit of breaking news. Is that your colleague. Chuck grassley with whom you serve at. The age of eighty eight has announced. He's running for re election. And i for one. I'm glad you know pete. Wilson's eighty eight. We are honoring and last night on the thirtieth anniversary of his first year. As governor of california. Those two eighty eight year olds. Put us to shame. Jim talent they do. And i'm gonna tell you they're they're like chuck is is what we lawyers call. And you know this. Better than i do sue generis. Yes so i mean he is every time i see chuck. It's like the same chuck grassley i. I met twenty seven years ago when i got elected to the house. i saw in and And then i served with fifteen years ago. The guy's incredible he doesn't incredible job For iowa and more power to them. And i wouldn't say that normally i mean normally i would quietly. Somebody asked me say you know you'd be thinking he's unbelievable that there's always an exception the rule my role is you shouldn't be in the senate after your seventy two. The john kyle rule chuck grassley the exception because he is one of. I love the history channel rants on twitter right. I love that stuff. But he also takes care of iowa and when he We're gonna be talking about this when he decides to run at ninety four as well. By the way he'll make his eighty eight county drive. He works at very hardy. Takes care of iowa for joni ernst. Can't keep up with them. But like pete wilson. Were drinking the water differently when they made those two jim talent. I asked pete wilson last night. What makes a great senator. So i want to ask you chuck grassley. What makes a great senator. The the most important prerequisite is to have the heart of a servant. Okay and chuck. Does in pete wilson. Does i mean you've got you. You have to be another really important thing goes with that is to have a dose of humble understand and and and they both do.

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