A highlight from A High-Wire Act (with Jonathan Martin)


Pull up a chair. Attacks on tap with david. Axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy as we look ahead we will lead. We will lead all the greatest challenges of our time from cova de climate peace and security human dignity and human rights. But we will not go load. Who lead together with our allies and partners in cooperation with all those who believe is we do the dishes within our power to meet these challenges to build a future this all of our people preserves this planet that is president joe biden making his first big united nations speeches president impressive address but that reads a lot worse than the original french here all week week. Who have me out of that disaster. I just created for myself. Who's our incredible guests who are super hack are super hack opened up the curtain nets. Jonathan martin the outstanding political correspondent of the new york times. And a really a guy who could have been on our side of the fence and as a lot of great political reporters. You'd say that a of group but this guy with a passion for the game jay mark. Good to see a for having me. It's good to have you here. It's good to be here now. You underwater where are you know we are. We are by the banks of the potomac not the banks. Mississippi were yeah or dc at the moment a crunch time here in the nation's capital this fall and yeah we should point out you spent part of your time in in new orleans so My wife's hometown where where they're a good bit And thankfully did not incur any damage thankfully the The the lobbies held oncle sam's investment after katrina and and building. The levees worked out. Well they were stood a A cat for hurricane so All well talk about levies. Are the levees going to hold for biden in washington. I think this is. The question is is biden himself. Going to start really getting involved into the nitty gritty of this process This this is hell of a high wire. Act that he's on here and so so far especially in the house guys. He's really kind of deferred to the leadership namely speaker pelosi. You've been a little bit more evolved in the senate obviously having mentioned cinema down to the white house for conversations. But i'm really curious here in the next week is he going to plunge into the house Much more than he has date. And the reason i mentioned that is because the house is for now where the action is cody. Lucy cut this deal in august with her moderates that she would Bring up the bipartisan infrastructure. Bill that passed the senate with sixty nine votes that she up by september. Twenty seven th. That's just here around the corner and you know the question is are the votes. they're pass it. And i think that's what we're biden comes in yeah. This thing is a uniquely democratic train wreck in some ways but it's also classic house versus senate stuff and others. I mean nancy. Pelosi is a very effective leader for her side. She's gotta tell. Essentially a bunch of five year olds. Santa claus isn't real because the three point five trillion dollar thing is dead cinema mansion unless they're lying which i don't believe it all. They've been pretty clear. The votes aren't there. So it's gonna it's gonna go on a diet and it's gonna turn into the one point eight or whatever. I think it'll be definitely do. And the progressives of course who you know. It's funny about this this thing. I'm having flashbacks to ninety. Four ninety five when the republicans mostly under newt were running the house and they were like holding their breath. And you know our way or the highway and getting a lot of criticism. Well if you look at the house democratic caucus it's as stocked with hardcore progressives as the old gingrich cock is used to be with hardcore conservatives back in the nineties so you know i it's kind of back to the future here and they're threatening and i think they mean it that they're going to blow up the infrastructure bill if they don't get santa claus in santa claus in this tortured metaphor. You know isn't common so. Nancy has the tough job of landing that and letting that steam out somehow. It's gonna be bumpy and boy if they screw up the infrastructure bill. That is the big win for biden. Anna do that fast. And i know the politics why they don't think they can but it would give biden. A booster would help him get a better bill on the other side. Yeah well look First of all nancy is operating on the highest high wire that she's ever operate on because of the narrow margin in the house right and so she doesn't have votes to spare. You say it's a democrat. Only think one of the scenarios is that you know. Republicans will come across and vote for the infrastructure. Bill of all. I would not want to be relying on republican votes if i were her Because if i were mccarthy. I'd make sure that she has one less vote that she needs at all times And the second thing is if she tries to a move that bill forward in contravention of the wishes of progresses it just makes The whole situation more difficult in some ways. Here's don't watch for the ken. The white house get involved with this and convince mansion and cinema to offer some kind of a signal. Have that that yasser. You're on the other side of this infrastructure vote. We will support some kind of reconciliation bill three but you know not three and a half but something yes but bet mansions already done that. Mansions already done that. He's already said i'm information. Reconciliation but at one point five they gotta get to where those guys say will accept something with a two and i agree with you that signal has to be sent and does that then give a reassurance to the house progressives the yes we can go ahead before the twenty seven or on. The twenty-seven vote for the bipartisan infrastructure. Buildings we know on the other side of. Yeah we're going to land on the to deal that mansion in cinema. Were vote for some kind of reconciliation. Bill just real bass david. You mentioned pulses highlight iraq. This is not commonly understood in part because in my business the senate does tend to get more attention than the house because the names are better now and especially now that cinema and mansion had become so polarized in democratic politics there. they're almost household figures for For anybody who follows those I was gonna say pelosi's margin effectively on reconciliation is not much different than schumer's by that i mean you know. She's got a three seat majority but in truth she's run a lose. Crowley who democrats on the reconciliation bill. The most likely being jared golden remain. Kurt trader from oregon.

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