A highlight from Takeaways: Jermaine Eluemunor


Sports download that up today to get up to a five hundred dollar bonus when you sign up and also take pick all right. Let's go ahead right now. Get into this interview with jermaine aluminum for you were first introduced us here. The raiders media at the news conference just recently. And i think everybody was really taken by you. And i. I was immediately texting katie. Who's over there. Hey how do i get your main on my show so very excited that you're able to come on today. Thank you sure. I'm to beer. It's so you know. I wanted to kind of tell the story to the fans listening here. How your love for football grew when you were living in england and it was kind of difficult to follow the sport then because You know i. It just wasn't as i guess loved Or popular rather not loved but not as popular to a lot of the fan base out there. So what was it for you that Really kinda struck you about the sport. Originally surrey new not always wanted to be a professional athlete. I didn't know in which sport because played rugby and trying to make me rugby. But you know it's hard because it's not like you can go to college in angriest countered get drafted into the you know the big show after you know build your way of going through different leagues in on different teams in you know get recognized by bigger team in their. Bring you one. You know things like that so You know with football. When i was just you know our slough just going through the tv turnaround. Arsim game man. Kim across the dolphins and the giants playing lily was really miraculous. I had no intention of watching american with that day and You know it was funny. Because i could only watch. Tv at certain times from the day when my dad was so my dad came home from work. You know tv was his so on those times when you know i had the tv oughta myself to system one brother grown grown up. So you know we had. Sean got the remote. I was one to tv so you know. Luckily i got the row. And so you know. Louis just came across a game out of nowhere and eli manning was a quarterback in. I think it will chapman who was a quarterback for the dolphins from mistaken. And you know it was just all the hitting you know. Just store the just you know. Put your hand in the dr into getting dirty and just grunted through those plays in Of you know just playing american football. It just struck me sunday. I see myself doing in the future. So you know some research on it in a more. I research in the more. I read about it in learn about So that kind of just took off from there on newer. Didn't even knew are gonna be playing american. Football was on seven. So i i'm i'm terrible math. So excuse my numbers. I may have been so sudden twenty six now so was nineteen years ago down. Yes all seven at the time. Had no idea is going to be playing football. Nineteen years later in nfl. So that's really how everything happened. Though started and so seven years after that you moved to the states of new. Put some more math on you fourteen. Fourteen you're here in the states. And then you did you immediately. Just know like i've gotta find a school where i can play because i imagine you. I think you re remember. You said that you didn't play that much In england obviously so it's more about the other football or aren't with the new jersey and the whole moving to america. Van con was crazy too. Because my dad had applied for green cards a couple years before i didn't even know i chance that we can move to american because i didn't know about green card Thing so my dad had actually applied for green cards earlier when i was younger and we finally got them a couple years later and so lily. We will take a trip to america to visit. My aunt injures in uncle in two Two cousins and so. I think it was like maybe on the last day My daughter's age main. You wanna move to america or starting. At times i have you know you try. I mean shoot l. Yeah let's do it so you know. It wasn't hard to find a high school because high school. Maybe ten minutes down the street from one hundred more snows religious drove there did the whole you know applying thing trying to get into school in my mom looking and i are you serious. You really want to try. So yeah. I mean i've been wondering what's american play football. You know if you told me i was going to do this. Let's do it so it wasn't too hard to find a school. The only thing i was hard was learning the actual rules. Because you know. I said i learned off of a video game on. Nfl dot com. So being there in high school. I really know you know is different from online in person in like i said i played a little bit in england. Bill's life because i didn't really know what the roles and so that was the hardest thing just trying to learn the actual sport. Because when i came out cool to pitch in alcoa

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