Order Pickup (MM #3836)


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. As retail adjust to its new normal in the middle of the pandemic post pandemic, everybody's really encouraging, buying something online from a store and having them either ship it to you or ship it to the store. Order pick up has become a big deal for all these grocery stores, big box stores, even for small mom and pop stores. But I find the order pick up process a little inconsistent. And I know this is the hardest part for them. And this isn't about necessarily having enough people in place. It's having the right system in place. Other day, we ordered something from lows that wasn't available in the stores, but I figured instead of actually paying for shipping. I'd have it shipped to the store, save the shipping. I could do the order pickup process. Now, of course, I could call in right when I get there and tell them I'm sitting there waiting in the parking lot in the pickup spot and they'll come deliver it to me. But I always like to go inside just to make sure I'm glad I did because it took them 20 minutes to find what I was looking for. Because it wasn't with all the other orders for pickup. I had no problem with it. I understand things happen. They just got to get their acts together. Not just for me, but for everybody.

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