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Severe drought parts farce or burning so hot they generate their own fire tornado. Fires get so large that there aren't enough firefighters of airplanes helicopters bulldozers and sixty minutes found out there's also more than a whiff of bureaucracy in the smoke filled air which seemed to slow the deployment of new tech nighttime aircraft during the height of the emergency speaker. Nancy pelosi astra to join the january six panel and would have thought the conservative. Liz cheney from wyoming nancy pelosi the california san francisco liberal being on the same team fighting on the same team. We know all of us are americans and we all have sworn the same oath to the constitution and you cannot let an attack like the one that happened on january sixth ago uninvestigated imagine launching yourself hundreds of feet deep into the sea with little more than a mask heavy dose of bravery and one deep breath. Welcome to dean's blue hole. This is the king of the sport known as free diving and tonight we will follow him thirty nine stories deep as he holds a single breath for nearly five minutes. i'm lesley stahl. I'm bill whittaker. i'm interested in cooper. I'm sharyn alfonsi. i'm jon wertheim. I'm scott pelley those stories and more tonight on sixty minutes at cbs. News business analyst. Jill schlesinger and how about this as something that

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