Woke Crowd Cries Racism After 'Slave Play' Tony Awards Snub


For a theater geek like me like me. Last night was the like the super bowl because it was the tony awards. I've got a friend in moulin rouge actually a few friends in moulin rouge and moulin rouge the musical. The huge winner. I was really really excited for danny burstein. Zeya a new york actor. He had just a horrific year. he's one of the stars of moulin rouge on broadway. And he's been a broadway actor for and he and his wife. Rebecca luker a real beloved couple rebecca. His wife got ls and both of them got cove head and she died last december. This past december. So he's back on stage with moulin rouge. He won his first. Tony award very gracious speech. And there's a huge controversy about the play side not the musical side you got you got musicals and you got you got plays right and the play that was expected to clean up at. The tonys was a play called slave plane. I know people who saw it and said it was a incoherent mess. It's just. I don't even know what it's about something about. It's all woke stuff about race. It's race and sexuality and you know a lot of people. I know roy just didn't like it at all but you know the woke crowd of new york being the wo- crowd it was nominated for. I think i think twelve tony awards. It was completely shut out. It didn't win a single tony so now of course come the accusations that the tony select selection committee is racist. Because everything's got to be racist. Everything is a lack of diversity. Everything about And of course. New york's broadway community is about the most diverse community in the world. But it's not enough for the woke crowd

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