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Need an escape from the everyday. Take us losing trip back to the roaring twenties with june's journey. The murder mystery mobile game packed with adventure and intrigue. This exciting hidden. Object game is a who done it. That puts your detective skills to the test. Compete against friends to find craftily hidden clues in glamorous era of the nineteen twenties. Join the thirty million fans who can't get enough of these thrilling seek and find challenges puzzles and mysteries download. June's journey today. It's free from your favorite app store. Do you consider yourself an amateur detective. Then check out the new mobile game. June's journey set in the glamorous nineteen twenties tunes journey is the most fun you'll have on your phone seek and find all the hidden pictures and time place. Spot the difference build and customize your island haven solve mysteries and compete with friends to see who has the keenest sense of observation. Thirty million fans can't be wrong so del. No june's journey now for free on your favorite app store all right. We'll see that congratulations again. It is premier week with steve on watch on facebook. That is your facebook show of course so we need you to tell us about the new season we hear. You're going to have a few surprises. Of course you always do more hardware about that. Listen to meet the new season. Is they sent this to me yesterday. You have got if you own a hollow. I'm talking about eggshell desk today. On your way in and you gotta see it though so wait till you get away. Don't do it on your phone while you drive. Go to facebook. And go to steve on watch go to facebook and go to steve on watch. Make sure you watch the clip. While i'm talking to the girl who who told me. She was pregnant by her next door neighbor who was fifty seven who is separated from his wife But living with his girlfriend who is his cozy now. Okay so well let me say so. You're seeing your born packing this right. He'll i'm telling you right now. This is one of the top now. I've done some hasty before this. This inas into the realm of strawberry letter ish. Yes boiling tea. So job always clowning. I didn't dog out and nothing because eventually you know i was looking at her like she didn't got herself in a bad position but learning to story it away. I had unpack. And i'm talking like this woman was telling us to leave stuff off indian. Adnan understand how much she started say. She's pregnant by an older man who separated from his wife but living with his girlfriend who is also his cousin. Woes all watch opens the gate with a hummel. We can't wait to see that. I'm telling you i've never really promote you know much but i'm telling you this show right here on facebook you going to watch this over and over and over and over. It's going to be your favorite. I'm telling you. I'm telling you you going to be highly okay. Well what else do you have in store. I know nothing but watch this watch. This is some some heartfelt moments on some great stories. Man i got. I got a story that i wanted to do Karambeu zeman. who is the. You have c. Fighter who won a championship india lighter weight division. He had all. And i wanted to story so bad because his father was put in prison illegally and they wanted him to do a plea deal for just three years. He said no because he didn't do nothing. He ended up getting sentenced to prison for sixteen years. His son was a ufc fighter. I knew his father in arlington texas because jt. My bauble on the barber shop called authentic barber shop and they were nigerian and they had a shop in in a little plaza. Jt's barbershop was. I knew his father due to gusset away. Oh this is incredible story so you got to see this story about how this do never was able to see his son fight. 'cause he was imprisoned except when it was on fox and everybody imprisoned knew. Her son was a fighter so everybody wanted to watch a fight may or dues father celebrity apprentice a. He never fought on a pay per view card. Would you have see because he knew his father couldn't see store. That's all right stephen. Watch on wife book. you don't wanna miss it.

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