A highlight from One Man's Fight for Old Bay Seasoning



The regional specialties lobster. We eat it straight from the shell or unrolls. The role has to be split. Top roll like hotdog grow with the sides grilled and butter. You might hear people debate about whether a lobster roll. Should be served taught buttered or cold with mayo. I'm team light. May all the way but regardless the name of the game is simplicity. So the lobster really shines. I've been chatting with reporter claudia rosenbaum. Who does things a little bit differently with seafood. Down her way in maryland. Hi claudia. Hey hannah yeah town here. It's all about the crab specifically maryland. Blue crabs and right. Now it's harvest season in september. The time you get the biggest crabs of the season and i can tell you with one hundred percents certainty that you would never get served a bear crab around here. Oh wow that's so different. I love it yeah. Ours come covered in old bay practically smothered. It's maryland's iconic state seasoning. We know it's got celery salt red pepper black pepper and paprika but what the rest of the ingredients are is a mystery everything in maryland. I'm talking everything comes covered in old bay from french fries cottage cheese. It's on the rim bloody marys. It's on our sweetcorn. That all sounds delicious. Yeah the people here are crazy about it. I mean they were shirts. That say i put old bay on my old bay. Even this christmas. I bought some of the smaller cancer. The grocery store and dazzled them with some red and blue glitter and i put a little hook on them and then i gave them out to my neighbors and they made the perfect christmas ornaments. Oh my gosh. I absolutely loved that. Yeah and if you're fortunate enough to be invited to the governor's mansion for a state dinner you'll find it prominently featured in some variation on the menu. I was able to sit down with maryland. Governor larry hogan to talk to him about his love of old bay. You can't be the governor of maryland and invite people to the governor's mansion and not have crabcakes or not display are maryland seafood. So there's always obey bay in those recipes in crab soup and crab cakes and crab dip and we try to show off. Obey the great bounty of the chesapeake bay around here. Everyone will tell you that they love old bay and their favorite thing that they like to put it on. But if you ask anyone who's behind creating that iconic seasoning. Not a lot of people seem to be able to answer that. Wow well i have yet to be invited to the governor's mansion and i'm thrilled to learn a little bit more about this spice guy that you have been reporting on this extensively and the man behind it and it seems like there are some real twists and turns in this now multibillion dollar industry. It's a wild story ifs about outsmarting the nazis. It's about almost being turned away at all asylum. It's a david and goliath story at its core. Well

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