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Alright as we continue U S senator from the Great State of Kansas. Also, medical doctor, Senator Roger Marshall is with us. Now that we have you know these breakthrough cases, and we don't know what the future variants are going to bring, like lambda and Mu or Myu. Whatever people are calling it and then the other variants that will be behind that. But now we have fully vaccinated people contracting covid at this point. It shows that the vaccination lessons the odds that you'll go to a hospital or die. That's good news, I guess. But you even have Pfizer and Moderna, both recognizing And saying publicly that in fact, there vaccine efficacy is weakening over time with that said I would mind my mind turns to therapeutics. Like monoclonal antibodies like Regeneron. Uh, the first time Joe Biden mentioned it was last week. Your thoughts on that You're a medical doctor. I'm not Yeah, Sean, you know, I don't know why this emphasis has been that there's only one policy that works, and that's the getting the vaccine and you have said publicly you want Don't want to play Doctor. That's the decision between the patient and the doctor. We've encouraged people to get their backs and nations. But there are great therapeutics out there and the monoclonal antibodies or one of them. We also understand that natural immunity is much better than the vaccine. So if you've had the virus before It provides better protection than the vaccines do, especially going up against these variants. So, so that's the problem. And what else annoyed, frustrated with the CDC. There's no one even began to mention We've had 18 months to improve our own immune systems. And my dad, I mean, simply, you know, diet exercise. This particular virus just really hurts. Type two diabetic folks. I did some work in an ICU in southwest Kansas, back in March of 2000 and 20 as a volunteer 11 of 13 patients in the ICU were in their fifties with type two diabetes, So we as Americans need to do a better job of taking care of ourselves. We tried very hard to get those monoclonal antibodies out to the emergency room, so they give me given sooner than later as well. Um, and again until this until this White House acknowledges that natural immunity works. We're just going to be in a stalemate with this mandate because half of the people that have not had the vaccine have natural immunity. And I just don't see any reason to talk about that. Because the creator and I quoted him from the epic times the other day that a medical doctor that created the M R N a. You know technology behind the Pfizer Moderna vaccines and again you're the doctor, not me. Says that natural immunity and that even results in a study in Israel show is far more effective than even the technology that he himself founded. And now Pfizer. Moderna is saying, Yeah, if the efficacy drops significantly over time. Which means what booster shots in perpetuity for people to get the vaccine. Right, Sean, Here's what's so frustrating. So I had begging for my parents 82 years of age to get their booster shot. They need it. But young, healthy people do not in the White House even messed this up. I've been fighting for three or four months to get To get that booster shot available for those who want it to senior citizens that have folks in a nursing home the big risk groups, But the White House came out what three weeks ago trying to deflect attention away from Afghanistan to say everyone should get a booster shot. And now the CDC and the FDA aren't a huge argument with the White House over this, and I think what you're going to see is the FDA. Say Look, senior citizens probably could benefit from the booster shot. But we don't know that there's evidence out there for for young under the age of 60 to get it. So what about Robert Malone? He came up with the technology for M R N a antibodies Pfizer and Moderna. You know, they're now saying that the efficacy drops significantly over time. You're saying that T cell antibodies last forever? Is that understanding you correctly will forever the long time, But we if you would go back to the Spanish flu of 1917. We were doing antibody test. He's so antibody test on them when those folks are in their nineties. And they still had so forever the long time, But there's a good chance you'll have this T cell immunity. These these mrna vaccines are very specific just for the protein spikes. And as the variance fight changes these vaccines that we have now we're not going to work as well as traditional vaccines. All right. Thank you. Appreciate it. Senator Roger Marshall 809 41. Shawn is our number. If you want to be a part of the program look last month,

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