The unvaccinated student must also not be displaying any symptoms of infection.


Things continue to improve. California is now the only state in the nation to advance out of the CDCs high covid transmission category. Down into the substantial transmission ranking. Well, that's some good news county's covid 19 cumulative seven day infection rate 87 a half for 100,000 residents down from 104 per 100,000 residents a week ago. Public health director Barbara Ferrer cautions, however, gotta roll up that sleeve. Get those shots or new surgeons will happen. Well, we need to continue to stay focused on efforts that guarantee easy access. And build confidence in vaccines, she says 75% of eligible County residents have at least one dose 66% are fully vaccinated. Jim Rupkey ABC NEWS California voters may one day be required to show their government IEDs before voting in an election. The proposal is called the California Election Integrity Initiative. It would require election officials to verify the identity of voters whether they vote in person or by mail. Passes.

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