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Go tomorrow was. He must be ten arlen high. Yeah yeah pack address. I go get one way or the other. You go set your magic that people that look at the dress this is tedious for makes it as ages cream so traumatic the i just. I haven't worn again and sue out. Jesus cross anyway. I was really now. Oh each each other yes. How how'd you know i going. I go and buy it today. The first program that the unlock thing was net. Yeah yeah the woman's trust an because partly because i'm uses which now knows from trying to like get me on. This task is my schedule is to spin hectic. I like couldn't quite commit to it. But i went to fests site. The kind of piloted made much which is really fun. I loved it. Yeah then unlocked is laura so oh recording knocks. Soft soft unlocked is the program that we do with the women's sports trust which is about bringing elite female athletes together to help than use the platform ever want to today. Say whether it's divests divesting the writing school or could be great sustainability. Whatever is just about helping banks Time i think about what they wanted to influence on the we connect them and activate your in this industry to help them down on that on his actions make apple but before we even saw that. We did a small pilot in manchester with about six thousand. Mac was one of them and she was set britain because she added so much value. An anti made us realize those different types of influences zimmerman spoilt because i You you will outspoken in some ways in the most obvious way but you all Way in terms of the route. That you've chosen you. Write things down in end of lead the way that has influencing in as instruments a lot people i thank. I'm that hit very much. Press the golf industry because Eloquent with with Say as the wife of the gulf this written engineered macro also red blogs necessities rights. That's my confidence boost for the week. I'm a reader so interesting. That's just continue that threat then about influences stall there. What's the difference between silly question between a gopher and other sports or an olympic athlete or football or is it imagine there are themes that link them but is there also differences or is it all pretty much the same stuff so communicating the athlete and the brand oravec bill conversation quite different. I think it depends it because everyone's got their way of doing things. But i think it it depends on if you'll purpose is that you won't to implement your specific sport which at an amicus become xbox Now but whether. That's what i feel like. Maggots does ready wild. She's about gulf then puts her arguments across around. What needs to change takes on twitter trolls but in a very nice way back in the box two other athletes sometimes does not that may change. That needs to be made this fool. But they want to use the platform for other things with secretive divest Whatever this always stains like mental health is a big theme. Unlocking volleying field. Spo is a big theme Unlock by yourself is a big theme company. Networking that the kind of things that come out the ability to get out there. Build your own personal network themes across Thank that's obviously very specific issues around each one of the gulf's Very interesting that's what you think about it. Yeah i feel like that. There's a law. Crossover than i would've ever realized it feels accidental. Like i've only edit tried to write about golf. I think maybe one brief thing about trump whenever became president but that was slightly off topic. But like you'd relies. Or i realize as i write the mental health aspect. I think it's huge revoked. Sixteen law in the boss year. And i've always felt latin mental health. Some massive of goal. And i don't want to speak for the people. Because i feel a difference between having bummer abilities unlike being frustrated and just being like down and sad not in a great place. There's a difference between that. I guess medical mental health issues as a very big difference. So i tried to be quite careful with how i like. Approach that topic but in times of the effect that you spoke can have on you. I think that's a very big crossover in the loss. But never i put stuff out on social media or whatever is the gulf oil does feel very insular. I'm reading tweets. It feels and it's quite funny. 'cause sometimes i'll be sat with my sister something and she'll be scrolling through twitter and it makes me realize just how somebody's snooze on interactions can be just purely based on who they follow. Which is you feel like. You're talking to the whole world and you're really not choose it and and i guess choosing to roy is was that just so that's one you'll get it but secondly i guess there is a thinking out loud or thinking in public aspects. I really i mean like again was just been accident like i just. I really a law in college. Like i studied english on politics so i had to write I feel that just made me get used to like trying to put my thoughts into something. Coherent on paper was just. That just became my process and i did a lot with golf as well. Like just in terms. Light reflected on my own. Performance isn't myron emotions and things just really helps me to write it down like in my journal and things like that so just felt like a next that i'd vividly remember thinking all of these things. Like being twenty year olds across the other side of the world. Light trying to play golf and trying to study and trying to keep up with your friends at home but have the social life whilst trying to do a million things. Like as i come. No i'm surely not the only person that like feels these things thinks these things but nobody really like hsieh's it talks to each other about it so i just that's how it started and just kept going from there ahead. That a lot from them basketball is as well. It's almost like opportunities to go rolled into study in the college You supposed to be over the moon and let you reached the pinnacle and actually then reality hits gets these. Us colleges Very different actually very hard cheese that lane and answered find your place in because it's culturally so very different. I know one of duffy. Spencer love time actually mentor in basketball place. You go and play. Beam up the book as you got pregnant college system. That shift is she did Difficult you have or. I felt you have all these different identities anelda. 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