A highlight from Anthony Ianni discusses his new autobiography 'Centered: Autism, Basketball, and One Athlete's Dreams'


Host molly southgate today. I'm interviewing any there. How are you today. i'm good. Molly how are you doing. I'm doing great. I'm so excited to chat with you today. So can you tell me a little about your book. Yes oh my book. Title centered autism basketball. One athletes streams. It's basically about my life story growing up. When i was diagnosed with autism age for to being told by doctors and specialists that i would barely succeed anything life because of my autism to transitioning in elementary middle school and high school and then in my college as a grand valley stay in becoming the first division. One college basketball player with autism later on from michigan state university. And i'll bring my bachelor's degree sociology in the process. To where i'm at today so basically it's a it's a book molly where number one like i want to educate people about what is really is because i've put things in the book that you know. A lot of people in the autism community can relate to a lot of families. The educators can really learn from as well by the other thing was. I really wanted to tell people you know my story Just get it out there for the entire world. See yeah. I i want to talk a little bit more about that. And like how did you get the place knowing that like you wanted to write about your life and you talk about every aspect in a lot of stuff about like how. The school system deals with autism. And how like sports deals with that at all. That stuff and those are important stories to tell. How did you did the place that you wanted to save it so it was really a lot of people especially educators mysteries kind of getting my ear about it on side. You a lot of motivation. Speaking around the country around the state of michigan and i was speaking at a middle school in mccomb county Here mccone county Bow six seven years ago when i got done. The principal came up to me. Said hey have you ever thought about writing a book putting your entire life story into print that was like i don't know like I'm so busy being on the road at least five days a week. Like i don't know if i have time you do it. And so But so that's no another ministry told me the same thing and then another another say you know if you do a book not only. We're starting out there. But our students will get to in seeing mortgage story and it really could take your career to another level that you'd never to as i talked to a few people you know years later and Then my resource my middle school resource room teacher. She hooked me up with her husband's cousin. Rob keys to help me. You know cough off the book and robin. I just instantly clicked right away. We talked about the goals we had in mind for the for the book we talked about things we want to in the books in the things we didn't want the book And we just communicate so well and we just bounce different ideas off each other. That worked them things. We didn't agree apply. We agree pie together on. It's not like you know one guy went one way or the other went the other so But that's kind of how it all started just kind of people getting in my ear about it and you know for me to finally put my entire life story imprint. I mean it's exciting. And i'm really excited to see you know how a lot of people read it in what they think about it. That's awesome and it. It really is such an excellent book and it's like i personally don't know a lot about sports but reading. That's not what the whole book is about like. It's of bow ruggedly journey in your life and like cow. Other people can pretty much do better about like helping people that they know with autism or people that have autism with this in. It's so so excellent. I'm so glad that you wrote this. a little bit about what it was like working with the co writer on a story about your wife like i can imagine that that would be a little bit hard. I mean at least. I know that i would have some reputations. Were in someone else about something so personal you know at first. I mali like you know it was. It was interesting. Because robin. I had never met each other before until we got introduced and we talked over the phone and then when we finally met in person. I've see way this two years before the pandemic when we first met face to face. That's when i was like okay. Like i really. I a good vibe with with rob. You'd i really like how what we saying he had a. He graduated in journalism from michigan. State university too. So he understood. You know michigan state because we both were from same alma mater and any knows people who are authors. He's no people who worked in the in the author in the book field so he had a lot of great resources to help you know. Help us get to the potential. We needed to make this book gray. And he and i sat down. Did like five six interviews. That were like two three hours each in you know. It wasn't just me he interviewed. Yes my mom and dad questions. Yes my sister questions to and you know when you know he started putting it together you know he would always you know we would just bounce ideas off each other back and forth and like i said if there are things we wanted to put it in there we talked about it in s you know why does it make sense putting the book and a good example is so when he talked to my mom you know obviously my mom you know the great mom she is. She still has the stacks files of paperwork from iep from iep meetings by individualized education plan meetings and in those in those In those notes our evaluations on me in kindergarten first grade second grade so on and so forth all the way to sixth grade. And so i didn't start going to my dvd's to like. I was in sixth grade. I had been what i was during that time and rob had taught my mom at he got a hold of those evaluation. You know notes and then he called me said hey when you think about putting your ip evaluations book like. I don't know because there are some things in there.

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