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Gbh good morning. Tim hey maureen how are you. Thanks so the freedom to vote. Act on john lewis actor democrats final chance to save voting rights because republicans aren't about tobacco federal election law the blocks state level voter suppression and it appears senate. Democrats may be on the same page finally on voting rights. But it's only as good as the citizens who are willing to put their vote to us as we've discussed the turnout for the boston. Merrill preliminary is the latest example of low pathetic voter turnout with roughly twenty five percent registered. Voters showing up. And what's the excuse. There was early. Voting mellon ballots were permissible and with more people working from home. The seventy eight. Pm pulling our should have been manageable for most voters. So are we as a society one that has forgotten what it means to be civic-minded after all so many of us can't do the pandemic basics like masking up and vaccines up as low. Voter turnout about thinking. Your vote doesn't count or is voting still not easy enough with same day voter registration. For example. Increase voter turnout. Should businesses get involved in reward employees in an who vote essentially. We're asking what it going to take to get more people to turn out and show up eight seven seven. Three zero one eighty nine seventy. What do you think well it. It is interesting. We contrast with what happened in california. Where i think a lot of people. Were very afraid of governor. Larry elder the talk show host to elected might get rid of all the mass mandates. Get rid of all the vaccinations cove fears. And i wonder how much that turned to be in california but locally. I think i think i think a lot of people do not think it matters and jay touch on this and the globe. Say that that many people just don't think it matters and obviously they're really really wrong because it usually matters in boston who the is from everything as global twirl points out from getting your trash picked up to how the public schools feared before foldable housing. It usually manage when you think of mardi watch really think of in in in boston. You think a lot of talk about. He was really effective talking about addiction. Right he did a lot of Working addiction bringing kind of out of the closet but massive building massive building all of the city of boston. He was from the building trades union. So i guess that's no surprise. So i think what you need to. Do you know the mothers against drunk driving. I don't know what it was twenty years ago. Twenty five years ago thirty years ago changed the whole thought process about drinking drunk driving drunk. Know it used to be a joke when we were younger. I had i so many beers lost and i could barely see my ride home. That's not what you think about people who drive drunk anymore. You think it's a bad thing. I think we almost have to get to the point where you are as i said. I was at jury duty this week. And i used to cover a lot of trials to and i was a reporter always impressed me not that. The courts always worked. They don't always work. There are a lot of mistakes and stuff but it's pretty impressive to get in the court. Listen to a judge so you have to obligations united states. America you're asked to vote and you're asked to show up for jury duty up jury duty telling mandate could point but the thing is that this is how lazy can you be that you can't kid in the globular all well i. I don't wanna get up that early. Even though she said the polls open from seven to eight so that wasn't even an excuse. Either i think we have to change the the culture culture around voting numbers eight seven seven three zero one

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