How and When to Talk Politics With Your Kids


Is it safe to say that. This is probably an area where parents struggle a lot with talking to their kids about. What's going on with the politics right now. yes. I think it's a very fair assumption. Yeah there's a lot of. I mean there's a whole lot outside of just the politics. I think news cycles and specifically twenty twenty s. Got plenty of information to share and i know khanjian. I've talked about this in the past with my son. i'm not always great about bringing it to him. I kind of wait for him to come to me. And do you think that's something parents struggle with like. How much lay at their kids feet. Yeah i do. I think that's a good point. I think that there are some topics that as parents we don't feel very equipped or comfortable talking about and so we kinda dodge that conversation if they if they're not bringing it up than i'm not going to eat are the other reason for that. Is there some topics that parents all of us are unsure like should i open a can of worms like. Should i introduce a topic that perhaps they're not worried about so why to create an issue for them. If there isn't one already yeah surprising for those couple reasons. Parents do kind of struggle with wind. Should i initiate a conversation about a topic i can. Oh hasn't brought it up themselves. And how how do i do that. And then if they do you bring up the topic on the round response yet. So let's maybe break that down a little bit. If a kid has not brought up this topic what would you suggest. Parents say to their kids and maybe we break it down even further and talk about kids by age group. Is that something that you would suggest that. they're different. Conversations that one has with younger kids versus middle school age size schools h. Kids completely i do. I do think it's very different. I think the decision as a as to whether or not to discuss happens. Discussions with kids is a sensitive developmentally sensitive. And then how you go about having this conversations in the words you use and how you approach is definitely on a developmental

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