Relationship Therapist, Brittanni Young, on How to Manage Rejection


Sex down south best sex conference ever down at atlanta. You are hosting a workshop on managing rejection and a really wanna talk about this so tell us why. This is such an important topic. I might be colored in my lens as it's just the thing that keeps coming up you know both personally and professionally and i don't think people realize because it often feels isolating when you're in it but there is going to be that dynamic there where you have somebody who's the higher desire partner in the low desire partner in any given situation. It's not common where you have both high desire or both low desire at the exact same time you know and really being able to navigate those waters. Most people have no idea. They're just okay. I just think that. I need to bring you to my level in that. Is the solution so much so right. My partner is broken. can you fix them. Can you diagnose them. And can you fix them. And even beyond sacs rejection. It just feels like this important life skill that has been glossed over. You know in recent years. We've heard a lot about vulnerability right expressing vulnerability and showing vulnerability. And i don't think ten years ago. We were hearing as much of that in the mainstream. I agree and i'm like in five or ten years. Will we hear more about rejection league in every respect whether it's applying for a job or this is a tiny little thing but saying hello or smiling at someone on the street and having them ignore you not for hitting on purposes Just for friendly. Now you live in the south. You live in atlanta We're a lot of people smile and say hello. Yeah i live in toronto. Where when i smile and say hello i kinda get. I get pretty upset. Sometimes because people will just look right through you or almost even roll their eyes at you and what am experiencing there Is very visceral. Yeah it's rejection out. It's probably not about me right. It is it is actually okay. I'm gonna say this. Maybe people from toronto will disagree but for me. It's a cultural thing in the city that you ignore each other. In fact people in new york are more likely to like not it. You say hello. Wow yeah turn a special. This is my view. I know somebody's gonna say no toronto and it's not everybody right. There are pockets. That are super friendly. So that experience of rejection like it just feels so bad in your body

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