Listening To Your Body and Giving it The Rest While Marathon Training



I'm training for my first marathon coming up this fall in chicago. I'm excited about the big day. But every week that goes by i can feel my body. Need the rest what you do when the miles and the time add up you pull back and if so how do you learn how to give your body the rest. It needs to finally make it to the start line. Listening to your body is really really important with that said all marathon training programs are i would say ninety nine point. Nine percent of them are designed with this in mind right they are built to help you accumulate mileage to get you to a place where you feel comfortable putting in the miles that are necessary to show up on race day and do good with that said it's important that you speak to a coach or a physical therapist or a trainer who can help you better understand how to take care of your body in this time especially as a new marathon array again. This is something you've never done before. It is a massive accomplishment so recovery becomes more in tyrol than ever. And this isn't just like finding yourself a pair of normal boots or using a hyper is right. This is recovery in your nutrition. This is recovery in your stress levels. This is the people that you're surrounding yourself with so be really smart and intentional about how you continue on your journey knowing that there is going to be a certain amount of opportunity costs. And there's definitely going to be a certain amount of exhaustion but if you handle it right and you talk to the right people. This is going to all pay

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