Yes, We're Calling It Hispanic Heritage Month

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So it is it's hispanic heritage month. I do have questions because and as we were going to define some of these terms in this corner. I want to talk about because words are important and it's interesting i don't know like is so let starting there. It's hispanic heritage month instead of latin x heritage month. Should it be being rebranded because look. Let's look at the term hispanic latin next like hispanic has it's been defying is pretty much folks from countries that speak spanish. This glued brazilians would and it was kind of a term that was really just designed during the census and spanish lakes being spaniards are actually not hispanic islamic actually so fun fact in the nineteen sixties mexicans and battery kenya's got together and advocated to be on the census imagine not even being on the census so the advocated and they came up with the term hispanic. Oh spongebob lantis. Yes but then. In the nineties being latino became thing and so now the us senate and this is fact. I listened to the director from the pew research center phone. Don't love looking at you know. These are all off the side. I love that were in person right now. Recognize lipstick and put on makeup for head. Because she look you get to be handed me in the night in the nineties. Let the nose became a term and so now the census just use it. Interchangeably So and then there's also this one spot on there and it's like but there's also like those like non white hispanic sucks at really sucks. I know that that's making the research all kinds of ways because it means that. Oh yeah i think. Essentially that article that means. Most latinos are now marking that. They're white and all of a sudden like ten years ago. There were latinos who identified as people of color. And now there's this gigantic drop and we see latinos identifying as white

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