We Must Own Our Complicity in Afghanistan


The united states shame right over its precipitous sprint out of afghanistan shadow this country's conscience for generation every horror story and they will keep coming is partly the result of our decision to bug out the death and destruction that occur in previously secure parts of that country will be on the bipartisan decision to exit the fiasco of president biden ordered quick march out of the country with its arbitrary deadline and false proclamations of the heroic airline effort. Airlift effort will garner the most shame but barack obama and donald trump all wanted the same thing they wanted out to all three presidents lacked. What abraham lincoln possessed and george w bush often display the strenght to shoulder. The suffering of war brought home in dead and wounded. Young soldiers sailors airmen and marines the country. Tired of it too. We do not have the ability to fight a long war. Even with minimal casualties be because for us. There is no such thing as a minimal casualty. We can take station troops on board. We peacekeeping missions in kosovo but we cannot endlessly endure the loss of american life to enemy combatants so we left but our greatest centers to have left without first overseeing an exodus of those who were desperate to run from baruch theocracy. We did a portion of the saving at the last minute and those tens of thousands who did escape will be forever grateful for the eleven marines. One navy cormon and one army soldier who gave their lives at those refugees might live but for twenty years. We pretend it all of us at some sort of middle ground might emerge between the darkest midnight and the dawn of democracy. Turns out there wasn't such a middle ground and yet we owed an exit to those who relied on falso.

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