Mandatory Employee Vaccines: The Government Does Not Own Private Companies


Eighty-one department of labor is developing emergency rule to require that all employers of one hundred more employees. I said this. Hear it for yourself eighty-one tonight. I'm announcing that the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with one hundred or more employees that together employees over at eighty million workers to ensure workforce's are fully vaccinated. So that is joe biden intervening and saying hey all this new competitive labor market which again we as free market people. We love competition. So we see all these mandates and we're like okay. Well an employers that don't mandate the vaccine you're gonna get the pick of the litter you're going to get great workers that don't want to take the vaccine not anymore all of a sudden these big companies. They don't have to make adjustments maybe in wages or accommodations exceptions or exemptions you see the more mandates that come down all of a sudden this kind of other economy that was being created gets eliminated almost immediately and so now companies like ours at turning point. Usa and you know the best were. We have amazing. People that work for us honestly phenomenal and we have no lack of people. That wanna work for us. I can tell you. We're not going to comply with garbage. And we will sue in federal court if we have to. I got a message from somebody. Hey charlie run. A testing company really sweet guy from florida. I said yeah. We're not going to comply said okay. God bless you. It's like if you need the testing. I at yeah. We're not going to do this. Thanks and this idea of who owns your company. Is your company on loan from the federal government. Is it yours or is it. The states

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