A highlight from Checking The Score: The Red Sox Fight For A Playoff Spot As The Team Continues To Battle Its COVID Outbreak

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The red sox have been decimated by couvert. We're talking a dozen players three all-stars at least five pitchers some of them actually had to leave mid game after testing positive and that is while they are trying to edge their way into the playoffs. This raises a lot of questions. Scoffed old. I think you can tell the christopher crews here check the score. It does chris. This raises a lot of questions. I really been thinking this about socks. Management and how the mlb chose to handle this versus. how other both huge businesses and industries and local businesses and industries here in massachusetts have chosen to handle covert robust and chris. Eric welcome verbs so this is a stunning situation. Chris started okay. Started with the vaccinated player. Keith hernandez showing symptoms didn't think they were was not tested and then travelled on a plane with the team and it spread like wildfire. So i i want to start with where the team is on vaccinations. Yeah and that has been a point of contention all season right. We've talked about the fact that they are one of. I think six teams in major league baseball. That has not been able to get up over that. Eighty five percent vaccination rate We don't actually know where they're at. We've been told there are no teams in the league that are significantly below. But that's obviously vague. Who knows what that means in terms of actual numbers Alex cora hind bloom red sox management has for some reason struggled to impress upon their players. The importance of getting vaccinated And really the red sox were lucky. This didn't happen sooner. They got through all of twenty twenty. They got through almost five months of this season without dealing with this and the fact that they're one of the That they have one of the lowest vaccination rates in the league and have not had this kind of outbreak really. It's kinda surprising. So i want to invite listeners to join this conversation one. Eight hundred four two three eight two five five. That's one eight hundred four to three talk. What kind of example or the boston red sox setting with cova. Do you think they should have handled things differently. Got admit i'm kind of wondering. Do people think that there ought to be accountability for socks management Does it change your wanting to watch baseball. You know when we went through the traumatic brain injury Set of revelations in in football. Some people stop watching football. And i'm curious about all of this so again one eight hundred four two three eight two five five to join the conversation chris. Anything from the team owners. Well first of all. I've been hoping to hold this ownership responsible since they dreaded mookie betts so glad that finally after a while i mean there are some legitimate questions to be asked here Basically this wouldn't have happened if it had occurred between april and about the middle of june because the red sox were testing everybody before they got on a plane pretty smart but once cases started to fall a little bit in june the league kind of relaxed its restrictions. And basically why i know right. It's like things are working. Let's just keep rolling here but they decided that fully vaccinated individuals wouldn't have to test unless they showed symptoms or had known exposure so there was no real regular testing to catch any breakthrough cases and the red sox stop testing before travelling. So had they been testing keith hernandez never would have gone on that plane. But instead he he basically fatigue and kind of full body soreness and thought man in the middle of a baseball season. I'm supposed to be tired and sore. Got on the plane. Anyway and here. We are a dozen or so players later. It spreads not mike wildfires so these are resourced teams right. They've stood up testing capacity boston. University holds the license for. Wb you are. I'm in five days a week now. I test at least once a week. If not twice a week why stop testing especially given the potential impact not only to the teams into fans but to all those businesses that rely on games and stadiums for their income. I mean it's perfectly valid question. I don't have a good answer for you. I will say it wasn't even just the testing and the and the vaccinations. Your simple things like masks when those rollbacks happen they didn't require masks indoors anymore in the clubhouse so where you have guys kind of in pretty close quarters indoors for stain extended periods of time clearly a breeding ground for govan and hearing some of these guys talk about how this exposure kind of ripped through the team. You can tell they have been in a number situations over the last month or so where players were uncomfortable based on the fact that they're all jammed in on a plane or all jammed into the clubhouse or the dugout and a fair number of the players seem to be pretty frustrated that they haven't been able to get their their colleagues to get vaccinated. So is the mlb. I mean delta is so clearly here right we know there have been other teams with outbreaks. is the mlb doing anything different. So major league baseball kind of an interesting spot because they've never really fully defined why they will cancel or postpone. I should say a game and some. There's been some criticism that maybe the red sox should have been playing these games while they've had such a rampant outbreak across the team. And i think there is something fair to that but also major league. Baseball has to be looking at the schedule. And his possible to reschedule.

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