Africa, Putin And Vladimir Putin discussed on Pacifica Evening News


The lifeline of vaccine supplies to Africa As long as wealthy countries lock covax and the African you're not out of the market Africa will miss its vaccination goals The 470 million doses now expected by a covax by December this year are enough to vaccinate just 17% of all Africans Short of the 40% global target He said so far only 3.6% of Africans are fully vaccinated high income countries have administered 48 times more doses per person than low income nations Warned that the staggering in equity and severe lag and shipments of vaccines threatens to turn areas in Africa with low vaccination rates and the breeding grounds for vaccine resistant variants new ones She said this could end up sending the whole world back to square one Russian president Vladimir Putin says dozens of his staff have been infected with the coronavirus and he'll continue his self isolation because of the outbreak The crumble and announced this week he was self isolating after someone in his inner circle was infected Putin tested negative for the coronavirus He was previously fully vaccinated with Russia's Sputnik me Putin said the infections were extensive U.S. government advisers will debate tomorrow if there's enough proof that a booster dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is safe and affected It's the first public step towards deciding which Americans may get an extra dose and when The Food and Drug Administration is posted much of the evidence that it will ask outside experts to consider it tomorrow's meeting but the agency struck a cautious tone in reviewing the data and discussing the rationale for the boosters that careful approach is notable given that White House officials have been previewing a booster campaign that they hoped to begin next week Earlier

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