A highlight from There's More Than One Way to Climb a Tree



This is bird note. There's more than one way to climb a tree. No bird better adapted for climbing up a trunk then. A woodpecker its foot. Design is ideal for clinging with two toes pointing forward and two back relatively short legs mean it can anchor itself securely and the spiky central feathers in its long stiff tail dig into the bark bracing the bird against the while climbing so when traveling upward. The woodpeckers a master hitching down not so much usually they'll fly nut hatches are also expert climbers but they can easily go up and down a nut. Hatches tail is shorter than it woodpeckers but its legs are longer and very strong it walks over the bark by grasping with one leg while using the other for a prop and it has a rear facing to- equipped with a long sharp claw that's ideal for hanging on while heading downward one way. These different climbing adaptations play out. Primarily nut hatches search for insects in the crevices of bark while climbing down while woodpeckers forage as they climb up so one sees pray that the other doesn't bird note. I'm mary mccann.

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