Clinton-Linked Lawyer Charged for Lying in Trump-Russia Origins Probe


John durham expected to indict clinton linked attorney involved in russia. Probe this is. Sussman may have lied to top. Fbi lawyer james baker in a meeting on september nineteenth two thousand sixteen in that meeting sussman attempted to tie the trump organization to a russian bank. Alfa bank saying that they were using a secret server to communicate michael sussman. The fbi later dismissed those allegations so did muller and they were totally bogus. How did sussman lie. Durum has discovered discrepancies between susman's congressional testimony and his september two thousand sixteen interview with baker during their discussion. Baker claimed sussman told them he wasn't working on the alpha-bank project for any specific client. This directly contradicted his two thousand seventeen sworn testimony before congress in which he said he was working for an unnamed cybersecurity expert also perkins koi internal billing records which durham has shows that sussman build the hours he spent an alphabetic probe to the hillary clinton two thousand campaign. So here's the take away. The facts seem to show that sussman was intentionally provoking the russian probe on behalf of the former presidential candidate hillary clinton and then lied to obscure it. This was five years ago. Everybody half a decade ago. She want to know what the big takeaway is here. Nothing we've known about this for four years.

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