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Last couple of years looking at the markets today S &P 500 up a quarter of 1 % Same for pretty much across the board looking at the various indexes here Wt -ti kuro it's higher $87 than 50 cents We keep an eye on at the dollar pulling back a little bit here the B Bloomberg dollar index off just a little bit here We'll keep an eye on that sound on with Joe Matthew in Washington DC that starts right now Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg radio Now from our nation's capital this is Bloomberg's sound off We're talking about red and blue division within states. How busy is Donald Trump's legal team gonna be? It's the economy stupid is that actually what will decide this race Bloomberg sound off politics policy and perspective From DC's top name federal spending combined with two lakhs monetary policy has produced this 40 -year high on inflation China policy is driven basically by domestic politics American families are finding themselves further behind the eight ball It's anything done in this Congress. It's gonna have to be done in a bipartisan way Bloomberg sound on with Joe Matthew on Bloomberg radio The Georgia grand jury recommended indicting Lindsey Graham and Michael Flynn along with Donald Trump And Nancy Pelosi says she's running again.

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