A highlight from Who Is Worse? Blackrock Or The Catholic Church (Biggest Money Cartel In History)


Are you ready to wage a war without end against you? Are you ready to wage that war armed with nothing but bottomless poverty? I didn't think so. In that case, stop talking bullshit. And get yourself some shoes, because the air in here is unbreathable. Money corrupts, and that's not news. Today, it's Black Rock, Vanguard, and State Street. But not too long ago, there's an entity that held even more power than those multinational conglomerates. We're going to take a step back in time to the Catholic Church of the Renaissance and learn how it basically controlled everything it touched and how the game has stayed pretty much the same through the 21st century. We may just find similarities to how banks, hedge funds, and the uber wealthy elite wield political power today. Let's get it. Now, before you get your commenting fingers twitching about how I'm being mean to Catholics, know that I'm just talking about a political institution 500 years ago. I'm not talking about Catholicism as a religious practice or the church today. You do you when it comes to religion. This is America. Okay, now let's get back to the Renaissance. One big similarity the old school church has with our tradfi overlords is the emphasis on secrecy. Both institutions are shrouded in mystery. No one really knows their entire net worth or their intentions. Well, other than maintaining the status quo so they can rake in as much money as possible, both the Catholic Church and the banks have covered up scandal and corruption time after time so they can continue business as usual. Back in Da Vinci's time, there are all sorts of rumors of popes and other church officials not exactly keeping up with the Christian morals they were preaching. There is abuses of all kinds, incest, orgies, mistresses, bribery. We're not even talking about the polycule. You name the sin, the Renaissance popes were probably doing it. There is even a pope who supposedly drank children's blood. And that same corruption seems to be rampant within the banks and hedge funds in modern times. JP Morgan was found to be handling the payments between Epstein and the people he was trafficking with. In fact, the number of billionaires with connections to Epstein are startling. What were you doing on the island? And we'd probably hear more about similar corruption and scandals within Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street if they didn't own basically every news organization in the US. But we'll get to that a bit later. For now, the big boys just pay a lot of fines for doing bad things. And that brings us to the first tool you need if you want to control everything. Here's a hint. It's all about the money. Have you ever heard the phrase, money is power? Well, I'm pretty sure the Renaissance Church invented that concept. Most economists reckon the wealth of the modern day Catholic Church is actually immeasurable due to all the priceless artwork, artifacts and the money laundering going on. And the reported $30 billion net worth is still high despite countries going through a Protestant Reformation during the Renaissance and subsequently reclaiming church lands. So just imagine how much land and property the church owned back when Catholicism was the only thing on the Christian menu. Although it's really hard to know for sure just how much cash the pope was raking in during the Renaissance, economists estimate it would be a little over $40 million annually in today's terms. And remember, this income doesn't include the land or artwork they're receiving as gifts or claiming by force. This gave the pope the kind of capital countries are usually playing with. And thus, the church had the same power as monarchs. Some would argue even more. And folks, we may have ditched the funny tights and corsets or maybe you have, but we have the same kind of issue today. Vanguard, Black Creek and State Street manage almost $20 trillion, which is almost more than the U .S.'s GDP. And not only do they control more wealth than most countries in the world, those hedge funds are also managing wealth for countries, which creates a vicious, incestual cycle of corruption. Back in 2016, Forbes reported that the wealth gap is worse today than it was in the Middle Ages. And that's not very hard to believe when we know the top 1 % holds 15 times more wealth than the bottom 50 % of America. And during the COVID lockdown, the 10 richest billionaires doubled their fortunes, while 160 million people fell into poverty. So how did both the uber wealthy of the modern day and the ancient Catholic Church amass this kind of wealth? Well, the church had millions of people tithing 10 % of their income. Doesn't this sound a bit like the interest we pay banks on loans and banking fees? And 10 % is nothing in comparison to the types of interest we pay just to exist in the modern world. The highest credit card is over 30%, and most of us are paying somewhere in the 20s. And because the Fed is raising rates, other borrowing is getting more expensive, too. Student loan rates have increased, and taking out a loan to buy a home is nearly impossible these days because rates have almost tripled. mortgage rates haven't been above 6 % since the housing crisis in 2008. And yet, somehow, it's only us plebs who are paying these kinds of rates to borrow money. The corporations like BlackRock and JP Morgan take out loans with nearly 0 % interest. In fact, the wealthier you are, the less banks deem you as a risk. So you get the best rates. But in reality, this turns into a vicious cycle where the hyper wealthy hoard more money and the poor can't afford to borrow. Right now, the average interest for a personal loan is between 6 % and 36%, where the average interest for businesses is 2 % to 13%. Interest is leveraged against the average American the same way the Catholic Church used to leverage Ursary Usury is the practice of charging interest, and it used to be the biggest sin you could commit. But the church got creative with how it weaponized usury. It didn't go after wealthy banking families like the Medicis, who supplied the church with gifts and managed church money for free. The church conveniently cracked down on the practice so that the lower classes wouldn't have access to the extra capital that would give them the opportunity for upward mobility. It's wild how the past is so similar to our present. Why do you think day traders and TradFi have to keep at least $25 ,000 in their accounts? Supposedly, it's to protect the poor from the volatility of the market. But the way I see it, it's just another method of keeping smart people from changing their economic circumstances. And who do you think pressured the SEC to create that law in the first place? I'm willing to bet it was a giant money manager like State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock. They would like to have a monopoly on trading and hand all of us regular Joes a measly little 0 .01 % or whatever the bank interest is these days. I say no. And I want more than a toaster. And speaking of monopolies, the Catholic Church had a monopoly on salvation during the Renaissance, so people couldn't exactly go around negotiating that 10 % tithing rule or what exactly counted as a sin. It's really similar to how we can't really negotiate modern prices in this supposedly free market. The monopoly aspect is something the church and our wealthiest modern day corporations have in common. Look at the bank failures recently. Despite Jamie Dimon claiming the smaller banks are good for our financial ecosystem, Chase was very quick to gobble up the banks that went under. If we weren't there already, we're scarily close to a bank monopoly. Another way the Catholic Church made money was selling indulgences to rid the nobility of their sins. The Renaissance nobility were up to some shady things too and needed to be seen as moral so they could stay in power. The most corrupt nobles could buy a spot in heaven by donating land or commissioning artwork. Doesn't this feel a lot like government subsidies and contracts for major corporations? Hey, you want to look like you support green energy? Give Elon Musk millions to play with. Oh sure, Blackstone, we'll subsidize your billion dollar debt with taxpayer money because it makes us look like we're stimulating the economy. No problem. Another modern means of absolution is corporations using carbon credits to pay off their climate sins. This is how companies like Exxon have a higher ESG score than Tesla. They know who's palm to grease. Another great way to amass incomparable wealth is to be able to claim yourself as tax -free. If you can pull that off, it's an amazing feat. Just ask the NFL. Throughout history, the Catholic Church found ways to skirt taxation by the state and that practice is alive and well today. Do you think Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are paying income taxes? I hate taxes. You hate taxes. We all hate taxes. But in our current society, we pay them. And it's a little more than unfair that the wealthiest among us are acting like they're tax exempt. Both the mega wealthy and the Catholic Church of the Renaissance controlled education and access to information. So kind of like mind control. The church kept their religious texts in Latin to keep the masses from being able to access it themselves. We already talked about how they also chose a lot of their sins to maintain the status quo in social hierarchy. It's a sin if you don't hit the like button. Similarly, corporate lobbyists have forced the government to slash education funding. That combined with other factors have made tuition exorbitantly high. We already talked about the student loan issue. Most people can't even afford college anymore. And if you take your education into your own hands by trying to stay up to date on news and media, you'll quickly realize almost every media company is owned by major corporations who have BlackRock and Vanguard as their primary investors. So you can't always trust what they're telling you because they have an agenda to stay in power. That's why it's hard to find information on the full extent of the corruption of the likes of BlackRock and Vanguard. I'm sure many reporters have pitched stories that have been shut down by the shady higher -ups. But here at BitBoy Crypto, we're proud to bring you the content that can't be bought by dark Wall Street money. Finally, that brings us to the third way the church and finance sectors control the world. It's not what you know, but who you know. And you know me. And I know you know that I know you. Political wheeling and dealing. And if that doesn't work, position your family members in places of power. Every royal court and government had pupil ambassadors that would ride back and forth through the Vatican and other church lands negotiating with church officials. That sounds a lot like a very early version of a lobbyist to me. And because as the head of the church, the pope had immense power, he was able to recommend marriages, which usually involved installing a member of his family at a high position. Pope Alexander VI married his daughter, Lucretia Borgia, off three different times. He simply annulled her first marriage when her husband was no longer politically advantageous and the Borgias may or may not have been responsible for murdering Lucretia's second husband. Pope Clement VII married one of his family members, Catherine de Medici, to the future king of France, which was a helpful political alliance during a time fraught with Protestant uprisings. This should all sound very familiar because the majority of our politicians, no matter the political party, have familial or social ties to banks, hedge funds, and the uber wealthy elite. There are so many examples of this, we can't list them all, but here are a few to sink your teeth into. George W. Bush had an uncle who provided discreet banking services for people in Washington, DC, and his brother Jeb also worked in banking before politics. Then you have the Clintons, whose son -in -law is an investor at a Texas private equity firm. Trump is friends with all sorts of sketchy billionaires across the globe. And look at Jared Kushner. And then you have Biden, whose son Hunter has been a hedge fund principal, venture capitalist, private equity fund investor, and painter. And now we have even more of Jamie Dimon's shenanigans. He doesn't have enough power running the largest bank of America. He's thinking of going into politics? And remember, guys, political corruption is like an iceberg. The evidence we have is just the tip due to how good they are at covering their tracks. And the Renaissance pope's habit of just making princes is exactly what our financial overlords do today. Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne the Holy Roman Emperor out of nowhere, and Pope Alexander VI made one of the sons he had with his official mistress, a prince who supposedly inspired Machiavelli's The Prince. I don't think he inspired the artist, though. BlackRock and the likes are making princes, too. This is where we get into the modern day campaign financing, where it costs millions to be democratically elected prince. In 2016, only 158 families controlled 50 % of campaign financing. Our biggest banks spend millions on campaign financing for Republicans and Democrats every year, and that's just the money they actually report. There's a bigger, more illicit pool of dark money that controls politics. And if you think they're spending billions on these politicians just to be nice, think again. Nobody spends something for nothing. Billionaire Bernard Schwartz is quoted as saying, I don't ask politicians to do what I say. I want them to hear me when I have a problem. And according to Vanity Fair, BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink loved to go around saying that he told Washington what to do. Doesn't all this sound a bit like the Catholic Church saying, Well, you technically can do what you want, but if you don't do what I say, your soul will spend eternity in a very hot, not -so -nice place. You don't want to know where that poker goes. And now we get to number four on our list. It is better to be feared than to be loved. Also known as scare tactics. If the immense wealth, information control, and political corruption wasn't enough to scare the living daylights out of you, the Renaissance Catholic Church took it to a whole other level. The way the church portrayed hell through artwork and story was absolutely terrifying. Of course you're going to do whatever the Pope says to save yourself from eternal damnation. And the banks and hedge funds do this too. Make sure you have an IRA because if you aren't getting our measly 5 % every year, how will you possibly be able to retire? Don't worry, that number barely covers inflation on a good year. And if you don't buy things with credit cards or open a car loan and pay his interest, you won't have credit to buy a house later. And finally, this one's my favorite, guys. If you don't bail us out, the entire world will explode. We're too big to fail. And now we get to the final element you will need to succeed at controlling everything. Drum roll, please. Military power. Plato said, All wars are fought for the sake of getting money. And folks, he was probably right. The Pope would also deem certain wars holy and approve military actions. When Henry VIII left the church, the Pope excommunicated him and told his people that rising up against him was holy because he'd gone against God. Pope Alexander VI issued the Enter Saterra, which authorized Spain and Portugal to colonize, convert and enslave the Americas. And sometimes the Pope would even command armies himself. Did you know the Pope raised and commanded the army that was responsible for the Crusades? So I guess that we can be thankful that the hedge funds and banks haven't started raising their own armies. But then again, why would they when they have the entire government under their thumb and they could spend the free time bathing in gold? Today, massive corporate institutions lobby in favor of warfare because it benefits them financially. Corporations have made billions from the war in Ukraine and the Iraq war was conceived to financially benefit oil companies and their investors. Just look how much BlackRock has invested in military weapons. $56 .74 billion. And you can't tell me they don't have a financial interest in the military industrial complex. That was a lot of info, guys. And I'm impressed you stuck with us for this trip down History Lane. I don't want to leave you on a gloom and doom note, however. Here's the bright side, folks. The Protestant Reformation did come as a reaction to the Catholic Church's corruption and power. And hundreds of years later, the church is still powerful. Nowhere near as powerful as they were during the Renaissance. We have the same opportunity to throw off the yoke of the banks and hedge funds that control our current financial system and government. That's where crypto comes in. No matter how much they try to manipulate the market, they can't control our gains, especially when we think long term. Do your research. Find out who the biggest investors are in the companies you buy from and patronize smaller businesses. Take your business or credit unions instead of feeding the pockets of the giant banks. Really question what politicians are telling you and push for campaign finance reform. This is a potential future where we all are free. That's all I have for you guys. DZ out.

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