White Texans Denied Live-Saving Monoclonal Treatments


People can't believe this is actually happening. That in the state of Texas, you try to go get monoclonal antibodies or Regeneron, and you're turned away because the color of your skin. Why are we putting up with this? Why is the Texas leadership putting up with this? It's a really good question and why did it take an undercover video of a guy trying to get the treatment to expose it? We need a lot better leaders in our country. The fact that this is even remotely tolerated in the state of Texas, is stunning. Connors from Texas. He's a proud Texan. But I'll be honest. Texas has lost its swagger recently. You're lettin illegals just flood into your state, you know, beta aura or whatever his name is, Robert Francis o'rourke, the fake Hispanic who calls himself that who married a developer's daughter from El Paso. Never done anything meaningful in his life. He's running for governor. Come on, Texas. Get your act together. You're tougher than this. You're smarter than this. The fact that you're allowing your medical policy straight from the equivalent of Texas Health and Human Services. So this is the official government body. This is not some like one off. Is that right Conor? It's not like some one off private industry.

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