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The today podcast produced by cog melinda cuts through the hype and noise to identify. What is really happening now. In the world of artificial intelligence learn about emerging trends technologies and use cases from cotonou lyrica analysts and guests experts. Hello and welcome to the air today. Podcast i'm your host kathleen walsh and i'm your host schmeltzer and this podcast. We continue with our series on the reasons why. Ai projects fail. And if you're just tuning in this is the first. Today podcast episode. You've ever heard you should know. Well this is actually our fifth year over two hundred and something twenty thirty episodes into this. We've been we've been focused on this topic of how people can actually make a. I work today. That's why it's called today. We love the promise of a in the future. We love all the research. We love all the the possibility of what aids but on this podcast refocused on the people who need to put into practice today. And that's who you. Who are listening to this podcast right. Now you're maybe struggling with the challenges of implementing or maybe you're building solutions for the space and you need to like figure out you know. How are you going to address. Today's challenges right. And that's what we do here on this on this podcast. We we really focused on these challenges today and sometimes we interview thought leaders who are trying to solve media solve these problems whether they're big corporations or government or agencies that are putting a into practice or technology providers or solution providers that have solved some of these problems. That's what we do here. And some other episodes we talk about the ways in which a has successfully been applied in different industries different use cases and and we also spend time taking look at the market. You know we'd take look at well. Hey how is it. How has been used and and we even look at some of the failures. Well on this podcast series. Were specifically looking at the failures. We want to help people be successful and one of the best ways you can help people be. Successful is understanding the common ways in which air products fail exactly. So ron and i are both with cognitive. Letica which is in. Ai focused research advisory in education firm. We have many you know fortune one thousand customers who are trying to actually implement useful. Aai systems today right. And we've seen you know you may see have seen statistics out there from different consulting firms and in different articles stating that a lot of projects. Ai projects are failing. And we've been witnessing that as well so acog medica we are advocates for best practices methodologies and specifically we're advocates for cpi ai methodology. Which is the cognitive project management for ai. Which is doing ai right. Because if you wanna succeed you need to make sure that you have a methodology

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