US vows to pay relatives of Afghans killed in drone strike


The U. S. says it will pay relatives of Afghans killed in a drone strike in August Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement Friday the U. S. defense department will offer condolence payments to relatives of ten people killed in Afghanistan in an errant U. S. drone strike in Cabool on August twenty ninth the hellfire missile struck a car that it just pulled into a driveway of a family compound ten members of the family including seven children were killed the U. S. central command called the strike a tragic mistake Kirby says they're also working with the state department to help surviving family members relocate to the United States the U. S. military originally said it had targeted an Islamic state group facilitator but the Associated Press and other news organizations quickly reported that the driver of the targeted vehicle was a long time employee at a humanitarian organization Jennifer king Washington

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