George Soros Pumps Millions to D.A. Offices Across the Country


Here Do you think George Soros is stupid Of course he's not You may think he's wrong and maybe even evil I tend to think so But he's not stupid The man is not stupid So why in the hell is he pumping literally millions of dollars into district attorney's offices All around this country From the D.C. area to Philadelphia to Milwaukee as we're mentioning here where this guy who just murdered 6 people in my opinion had injured 40 more what appears to be a terror attack from my mind this vehicular homicide massacre at this Christmas parade he was out on bail for only a $1000 with a criminal record As long as Mark Levin's arms and he has very long arms And he was at a $1000 bill for literally trying to run somebody over but that's by design See this is all part of the destruction of the basic norms of our society And when all of this crime happens people start screaming well it's because our system is broken Is the response No they're breaking the system It's not broken They're breaking it And then we're like wow how this get broken Well we got to come up with a new way and then they come up with their way It's formed around

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