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Alongside Tyler folger. Good to be with you, my man. Yeah, we're inching closer to Thanksgiving, but still have a variety of sports. We can discuss on the Tuesday before. Yeah, the show is dark all week until Sunday morning, but we have the daily podcast, plenty of content. I want to start in the NBA in Madison Square Garden. No LeBron, and we're not really sure about Anthony Davis now. He's got flu like symptoms, non COVID related, but flu like symptoms. And the Knicks are now 6 point favorites and I think that's I would get involved right now just in case Davis is a scratch because I think this thing can become a blowout. Yeah, I'm with you. I would grab the Knicks right now, especially if Davis doesn't play. I think you're gonna get good closing line value there on the Knicks. I do think even if Davis does play the Knicks are just gonna be the better team here. We saw the Lakers struggle with the Detroit Pistons before the LeBron ejection. They finally put them away. It's just not a team that's complimentary right now. It's not a team that is fully gel. It's not something that has all of their pieces together and available right now. So this is a work in progress by every stretch of the imagination for the LA Lakers. So I do not like the spot here. I would also, especially since LeBron is not going to be there. We know that Russell Westbrook, especially if he's the only star available for the Lakers is going to push the pace. So I like the total going over two, 13 and a half, but definitely a stronger conviction on grabbing the 6 right now the next you can find that. Any other NBA plays for us? Yeah, there's two other games that catch my attention on the four game card. The heat or in Detroit, visiting the pistons, lay in ten, and I think the pistons probably got up for that Laker game because it's the Lakers and even though the heat are a better team, they just don't inspire the effort that the Hollywood Lakers do coming into town. So I like laying the Tim with the heat. I would also dabble with the under there. The pistons offense is the worst and all of the NBA. And the heat have one of the better defenses. And all of the NBA. So I wouldn't be surprised at all. We're seeing so many games go under we're seeing so many teams be held to, you know, 80 something points. I wouldn't be surprised at all the pistons come in under 90 points in this game against the heat. The last one is the Mavericks and the clippers. Almost kind of the same rationale there. Clippers are favored by 5 and a half total is two ten, but these two teams kind of have been teams that play to under. The clippers have a much better defense. This season than we might have expected without Kawhi Leonard and the Mavs just play at a pretty slow pace. Especially when Luca Dončić is in there. I don't know if he's gonna play tonight. But I think two ten playing that under is my favorite play. Favorite way to approach that game, I would grab the 5 and a half with the Clippers as well. I do think they can beat the Mavericks even if Luke is there, but it appears he is trending more towards not playing again than he is. So that's how I'm looking at the NBA sleep. Yeah, you know, the maths had some strong efforts against the suns without Luca and the sun's really just kind of pulled away in the second half, particularly that game on ESPN was in the fourth quarter that Phoenix pulled away. Let's go to some action. I don't love the two car games on the cards. So I'm a little disappointed. I do lean to ball state. I've been really kind of down on buffalo. I think with all those transfers, they're really thin. And that's why you're seeing them just kind of fade down the stretch. So they've lost three straight, failed to cover those three, games as well. The northern Illinois buffalo game could have gone either way, for sure. The wind and all that was a week ago. But I like ball state here. As much as dogs have been barking during mid week max in this year. I still got a side with the favor here and I'll lay the 6 6 and a half. Yeah and we know mid week action is an over machine. It's reasonable totals in this game, buffalo ball state 59, northern Illinois western western Michigan pardon me is 60. I'm more inclined to wager that the western Michigan northern Illinois game goes over. The total of 60, but again, if you've just been blindly betting overs for every game and mid week match and that's Tuesday Wednesday Thursday kicked off. Over the last 5 years you're hammering the books. It's like 72%. So I will just stick to that trend there, but the game I think I do like more western Michigan and northern Illinois. A little bit more capable offense on both sides there. I think when those two teams interact on the football field. So that's how I'm looking at matches and I know we do have a college basketball card featuring a matchup with the top two teams in the country tonight, Doug. Yeah, I'm going to it actually going with my buddy who's in town from high school is family lives out here now. So it's a big number. I realize the zags are impressive and UCLA one verse two here. But I have to side with the plus 7. I think that's just way too big of a number for Gonzaga's potent. They're awesome. And a lot of college baseball fans want to see them actually win it all and just the small school of butler came up short so many times that the zags did too, but we're a long ways away from that. I'm gonna grab the plus 7 here. I would do the same as great as Gonzaga is. I mean, UCLA has everyone back from that team a season ago. No one left and went to the draft. Everyone is back. And it's just a team that I think is probably more closely aligned in terms of overall ability and talent and consistency to Gonzaga than this number suggest. I was thinking to be something around three, four or 5 to see 7 makes me think I have some value there on UCLA. Just knowing what guys like Jay billis and Seth Greenberg have said about this UCLA team. And what they expect this season I don't look at Gonzaga as that much of a you know individual heads and shoulders above every other team in college basketball program this season. I think they and UCLA may be able to make that claim, but 7 suggests that there's only one team in that tier. And I think there's probably two and use label on there. All right, good stuff as always. I'm on the pod Wednesday, and then we have no podcasts. The rest of the weekend. Are you doing the pod at all? I don't think I'm on, I don't think I'm on Wednesday. Maybe I am. I'll have to look at the schedule usually doing the morning, but Wednesdays usually a day off.

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