A highlight from #54 Tactical Tuesday: River Decisions at 500NL


Poke, your greatness podcast. This is a special Thanksgiving week edition of the podcast. You know, I was all content on taking a week off for tactical Tuesday, letting everybody enjoy their time with their family, not making my producer edit an episode and John was like, no, we can't. We can't take a week off, Brad. They need us. They're going to be in the airport waiting around. Looking for something to listen to or watch and we just got to come through. I don't want people to be like sitting at their gate waiting for their flight like refreshing the CPG channel wondering why there wasn't a technical Tuesday out this week. Yeah, that would have came back to haunt us, I'm sure lots of angry, angry emails and messages on slack and greatness village. Speaking of the Thanksgiving traveling and holidays and stuff, my wife flew out yesterday from Atlanta and there was an active shooter. They thought it was an act of yeah, it was like crazy. Basically, there was no active shooter. It was like a gun accidentally discharged because a felon in very smart fashion decided to go through security check with a gun in their bag and felons can't own guns. And so he freaked out when it showed up through the scanner. He tried to grab it when he grabbed his gun, it went off and chaos rained down at the Atlanta hartsfield, airport. And I gotta say, then grounding everything for two hours, like we were looking at Google Maps and it said as busy as it gets for the airport. You can't get any busier than it was yesterday with a two hour delay. So yeah, people yesterday at the Atlanta airport, if they didn't poop their pants and weren't afraid for their lives, you know, they could have could have been watching some CPG. Some tactical Tuesday while they were laying on the ground hoping that they didn't get shot. So if you two find yourself out at an airport this week. Nothing to do for two hours. You can make us. There you go. I do want to say, too, before we dive in, just really quick, there's a lot of people that have helped with this podcast. Chasing poke, your greatness, over these last couple of years and I have not been a great person who has shown my gratitude and appreciation in a public way, but Chris, Godfrey, the producer for chasing poker greatness, give him lots of love for always being like, you know, I'm thinking about adding a new episode and he's like, yeah, let's do it. Let's get it done. Let's add more. Just always willing to produce more and more episodes, always turns it in on time. Sometimes, forget that. Edit out the parts where I say, hey, Kris, edit this out, but that's okay. We can forgive that. My assistant Gwen, anybody that's bought a course, nose Gwen. She delivers all the PDFs, ads, everybody to the right place, she uploads these both videos and audio podcasts episodes every single week on time. She promotes them on Twitter. She messages everybody. She thanks him. She gets interviews arranged. She does the work and I'm just very, very grateful for Gwen. And thankful, since this is Thanksgiving week. Thankful for you, John. For making me do this episode when I tried to get out of it. Your designer. Oh yeah, Brandon, my designer, who helps with the CPG, the ads that you may be looking at on Facebook does the episode designs, Lucia, who helps with the tactical Tuesday logos, knuckle, tactical Tuesday, all the things, you know, very, very grateful for her. It's a good team that I have here and I hope I haven't left anybody out. Coach Thomas, thank you for starting tackle tactical Tuesday that's led to the version that we have today. Maybe one day he'll make some sort of guest reappearance. We'll see. But yeah, and thank you for the audience. The listeners for loving the show, giving us a feedback, all the folks that buy the courses that get private coaching that supports and fuels all this content, just many, many thanks, and yeah, I think that's it. And so now we can actually break down some tactical Ness in this tactical Tuesday episode. So we've been staring at this king Queen of clubs for like forever now. Well, you have the podcast listener had no idea, but now they've been thinking about the king Queen of clubs. You put it out there like psychically. Talk about the setup here. Yeah. So this is actually some footage from another one of Brad's students. I don't know, do we care about naming him? We do, because he's not just a student. He's going to be the associate coach at chasing poker greatness whenever I take a step back in January. I'm training him up. He's watching footage of past coaching sessions, going to be asking me questions and just coaching him up to help better serve private coaching students so that I can focus on CPG wolves, so yeah, shoe. This is shoes video and now now you can break it down. Yeah. Okay, so we're playing 500 and I'll on the vada, playing 6 mics, we're actually 5 handed right now. She is in middle position. He's first to act with king Queen of clubs. He opens to 12.5 cents, folds around to the big blind, who three bets to $40. Shoe mentions this in his recording. But this three bit sizing from the big blind is very, very small and probably indicative of a weak reg, maybe even a fish, $40 would be the size, $40 or 8 big blinds would be the size that I think I would mostly expect to see from an in position three bet and I would expect out a position three bucks to be significantly larger than 8 big wines, probably like at least 11 facing a two and a half two and a half X open. So I think we can already start making some assumptions about the big ones based on his three best size. I think yes and no, because we are 200 big blinds deep here. So we didn't talk about the stack depth, but she was opening she has a lot of money in front of him and the big blind had about 200 big blinds. So maybe that influences their three bad sizing, but in general, I would agree with you. That yeah. Being deeper and through betting out of the big wine should make you on a three bit larger than normal instead of smaller. But I think it's debatable, but whatever. We can debate it another time. So anyway, shoot a fan with his king Queen of clubs. We see a flop of ten of clubs, 6 of spades four of clubs. There's $80 in the pot and the small blind starts out with the big boy bedding $70. Yeah, I don't mind it too much on the sport I honestly it's very, very big, but you could definitely make a very strong strategy with this size being in play as your

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