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From the embassy road studios and the crap part of Bedford New York and the crack part of West Hollywood California, it's the men in places podcast rod. We back. Like the Premier League rights to NBC David, what do you make of it all? Well, yeah, just to be clear, we have a front row seat, you would think, and yet we had no idea what was going to happen until everybody read about it. Just to be clear, they don't let us negotiate on behalf of that. That is the two Robbie's job. I know. Well, news bubbled out late last week, wrote to the NBC has retained English and Spanish, broadcast rights to the Premier League with a bit of more than two point 7 billion. Which covers the next 6 years. I think the rights last time will 1 billion over 6 years, a 2.7 X increase rod with 2.7 X more valuable ourselves now. No one will ever forget where they were when the news broke 6 more years. I felt like it was like as if Steve kornacki had just called Georgia Michigan and Pennsylvania for Rebecca low. I mean, God, I could just so grateful to the two robbies who you all know as just really well prepared pundits, but we know that they are like, they'll like chef aroma the negotiating table. But it is incredible the stats of what occurred since NBC first acquired the right to October 2012. I think it was a three year began the 2013 14 season. That was 250 million. And then you're right 2015. I think it was a billion for the next 6 years and exec terms of this new deal were being said to be reported by the athletic but not confirmed. Let's just say it's definitely more than 2 billion for the next 6 years. And that escalation divo. I guess it's a reflection of the number of games what the television what they call the number of exposures and the number of windows and the demographic which make it perfect. Really the perfect sport for the new model of television, which is targeted at emotionally connected niches in the olden days the NFL was just talking about everybody. That model was being ripped up by streamers who were looking for deeply passionately emotionally connected niches. And that is where the Premier League's catnip, right? Yeah, one look, if you think about the renewal, you know, 6 years ago when they paid 1 billion for the rights. You know, the games went on NBC and NBC Sports Network. We hadn't even heard of peacock rods. Naive are still thought the peacock was an exotic bird of some kind. Yeah. But now, really, this deal is for peacock. Yes, there will still be games on NBC and NBCSN just for the rest of this year, but that's under the preexisting deal. This is really about peacock. It's about streaming. It's about the games playing on the streaming service, and the value of the Premier League to the growth of that service, which is everything. For NBCU. In the same way as CBS for their streaming platform have invested heavily in the Champions League and European football ESPN for ESPN plus really, really investing so deeply in the sport we love. And I know the streaming is a darkness for long time fans who, you know, we were spoilt whenever the game was available and you could access it easily streaming is the future of television and football is so bloody key to all of those networks business models in the here and there. I will doff my cap. To the way that the Premier League and the way in BC of broadcast it has really transformed the way football the quality of it with Rebecca lay. I listened to her and you see someone who prepares so bloody hard, but it's so incredibly intelligent. She's able to take deeply complex understanding of the game and then real truth individuals of genius are able to ask questions that seem very simple on the surface, but if you really know the subject matter then you can tell that just the way they've framed the question they truly truly understand. What she's done for the game on this broadcast really changed the way we all engage with it. And the thing that is fascinating to me is you look at MBC David and ultimately, in this moment, they decided to prioritize the Premier League over the NHL. It was more of a priority for them. The Premier League over a so called major league sport. And for me, in this moment, those ever see watch the growth of many of you have lived the growth along with us of the game we love in the nation we love that. The fact that essentially, the Premier League, this is the moment when it is nestling amongst the major league or competing with the major league sports in this country to me, that's what makes this a truly breathtaking moment. Yeah, I think this moment and, you know, I think we spoke about before just the ratings for that U.S. Mexico game, which were just enormous on broadcast television, both English and Spanish was a real moment. I think that was a combined 1.7 rating rounding up 18 to 49, three times bigger than anything else on television on that Friday night, including a pretty in the demo, including a big, you know, NBA game, which I think finished second. You know, this ratings and just the conversions into subscriptions of these fans of Premier League fans and of soccer fans in general are just outstanding. The return on investment, the age of the viewers, you know, Rebecca Lowes, unbelievable ability to both satisfy the hardcore fan and then appeal out to a broader family audience. It's just that such a rare broadcasting skill NBC having brought, you know, major league coverage, major league, you know, Sunday Night football quality coverage to the Premier League, which, you know, if you remember that the days before that, no other network brought. You know, it's really a phenomenal phenomenal achievement. I know there will be complaints from some in the audience about the games going on peacock and how to hold that services to find and I'm sympathetic to it. What I would say is that we're all part of the problem because we're all watching Netflix and we're watching Amazon and we're watching Hulu and we've created a competitive environment where broadcast television linear broadcast linear cable are just dying and all of these studios have to compete with OTT network. So if you don't like watching on peacock, don't ever watch anything on Netflix and then maybe you'll get it back on linear cable. That's investor energy in crackle. It's still around, by the way, it's still around rod. I think somebody still have a piece of it. So let's be careful. But get me fired on this podcast from my day job. But yeah, peacock is going to improve as a service, you know. This is a brand new thing. You know, they will get better at delivering it. They're paying amounts of money for these games that they're going to have to deliver it better to the audience. So I'm super optimistic. I'm really happy for everybody at NBC, all the people we know behind the scenes and the on air talent, you know? By the way, all the lives they have a exchange and emails we're back at this week. Just all the different across the board the people have invested their energy. Since 2013, the staff, behind the scenes, just a number of livelihoods that have been continued. That is a remarkable thing right ahead of Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the quality of football that is now broadcast on all of the networks in this country. It is on the season. I never bled the take for granted. This is our this is our Thanksgiving podcast and we're incredibly grateful to be living.

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