Djokovic opens ATP Finals beating Ruud


We are in the thick of it. The WTA finals is heading to the semifinals stage. The ATP finals has just got started so we have got a lot of top quality tennis to talk about across the world, really, including the events in Stockholm and linz on the final events on the ATP and WTA tours. We've also got to talk about the Peng Shui controversy, the news coming out at the moment. All of the situation in the context between China and the WTA. So even though we're again at the end of the season once again, we've got so much tennis to talk about. And where better to start where no better to start than Guadalajara in Mexico, which I thought, you know, I wasn't really expecting a lot from this, you know, it felt like a loss, sort of a last minute decision to change it to Mexico and actually it's turned out to be a pretty fun event so far. It has, yeah, especially the night Sessions, the crowd are loving it, and I think it's a strong case to keep it at over in Mexico and Guadalajara. And I think, you know, the two Spaniards Spanish players doing very well, both in semifinals, perhaps it's the whole Hispanic culture there. They're loving being out in Mexico, perhaps that's

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