Commentator Gregg Jarrett Discusses the Riveting Rittenhouse Trial


Greg Jarrod, welcome back to one on one. Great to be with you. Greg, you you've been in this tour tree business of the intersection of law and politics for a while, let's just put it a while. Is this I'm not a lawyer? Greg, and I come to this as somebody who sat in the back of a court once. When I got a speed, I was driving too fast and I had to go to a court salmons and I thought I've never been to a court. So I went in three hours early and I sat in the back just to look at what a county court was like as a newly minted American citizen. And it was fascinating. But it wasn't what we witnessing on TV screens across the nation for the last week. Is this a normal trial? Is this witness badgering is the judge saying, don't you be brazen with me? Is this par for the course? Give us your expert opinion on what we are seeing. Well, courtrooms can be high drama and, you know, centuries ago before television before the Internet before core TV where I worked for 8 years. You know, people would flock to courthouses in courtrooms in some ways it was their source of information, but it was also their source of entertainment and this certainly has not been entertaining, but it has been riveting to watch this unfold. And you see on the screen, Kyle rittenhouse made a compelling witness. He broke down. He sobbed. You know, I really hate to see somebody like LeBron James mock it with laughing emojis if LeBron James had actually watched much of the trial. He wouldn't have made such a stupid

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