Paul Begala and Jake Tapper Know Nothing About the Republican Party


Then there is Paul bagala Russia used to calm the forehead Because you have to admit is face and head are quite distorted But it's between his ears that are problematic I think Low IQ Heavy on the wet sponge Nonetheless he's on with fake tapper fake tapper Who hates Donald Trump Should recuse himself but he won't And the Republicans who quote unquote support him And so he asks phony questions He makes statements and puts question marks at the end of them To an objective analysis Her excuse me an objective analyst Paul begala Cut 5 go So Paul a former president Trump just teased a 2024 run to Fox saying quote I think a lot of people will be very happy with his decision How does this affect the Republican Party All right stop What a question How profound very piercing How does this affect the Republican Party Paul begala He sleaze ball for the clintons How does it affect the election for the Republican Party How come nobody ever asked me How does this affect the Democrats and the election for the Democrats Wow let's go to Paul pagala for an answer A real analyst go ahead I think he's going to run and that's not just me from the outside Sure Talk to people close to Trump They say it's close to a 100% certainty that he's going to run That's going to chill I think any other many other Republicans from getting in the race and it's going to further solidify what was once a great political parties now which has become a political death cult of personality around Donald Trump Really Really You slobbering all over Bill Clinton You slobbering all over Hillary Clinton a death cult

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