State Farm Stands by Aaron Rodgers After His Vaccine Comments


I want you to hear the first sentence in USA Today to give you an idea that you're talking about a media that is the American media. That no longer even professed to separate opinion from news. Listen to the first sentence of the USA Today, which is just the left wing propaganda sheet. This is proof. Listen to the first sentence. Given a chance to repudiate the lies and misinformation spread last week about COVID-19 vaccines. By Green Bay Packers quarterback and company pitchman Aaron Rodgers State Farm punted. This is the writer Christine Brennan. I wonder if she went to which journalism school she went to Columbia University of Missouri. Given the chance to repudiate the lies and menace information spread last week. What lies in misinformation did he spread? I'd like to read further. Aaron Rodgers has been a great ambassador for our company, for much of the past decade, a company spokesman said in a statement to USA Today, sports Monday morning. We don't support some of the statements he has made but we respect his right to his own personal point of view. Do you know how rare that is in America? This was the most common thing, said in the United States about speech. We may not agree with you but we respect your right to have a different opinion.

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