A highlight from Facebook Shuts Down Nicaraguan Government-Run Troll Farm

Newscast - Africa


You're listening to the news on africa. Business radio facebook. Ing sas shutdown control found ron by the nicaraguan government that had been spread in anti-opposition messages across multiple accounts. A move comes just days before presidential elections saturday held in the central american nation. The social media giant says a troll fan was attended to amplify pro government and anti our position. Content tried to tell us lead for facebook's parent company. Metter ben nimmo says this was really crossed. Government oppression neutral campuses of several clusters which way ron from multiple government entities at once. He sat the company closed down. Thirty seven account wandera forty pages between four groups on facebook as well as turned sixty three instagram accounts last month. That wasn't news at this time on africa. Business radio even continue to listen live online at. Www dot africa business radio dot com of our mobile app. I am chicken on. So morty and thank you for listening.

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