A highlight from Deck the Lifetime Uncorked - 2021 Lifetime Christmas Preview #3

Deck The Hallmark


And i and your by time movie expert dan and in this lifetime or any other. I despise lifetime movies. And this is the deck lifetime our gore. One day so really. This is just an experiment to see how long it takes for us to get all right. Yes is all. This is so far so far. No go but we've got all season to do. It was close. Yeah i was closed. I think by re by the reba movie. That's my yeah. We'll say you is is really all your fault. It is my job is really all my fault. Yes and that's fair. This is new. It's a new podcast. I'm in the saddle for the old. Podcasts is a new one and you have always told you take low. I gave us for saturday. I have also this in starting the hallmark season. Because we're already rip torn ready to go with hallmark movies. We got new episodes out every day. His homework just monstrous. I am legitimately. There's two of these movies that it's going to be hard for me not to watch. I know the bit is. I'm not going to watch these movies during the year. Which i'm very thrilled about the. You're not allowed. Yeah but the reba mcentire movie. The kirk franklin movie. I mean watch them after the fact and then you're gonna you're gonna ruin the whole thing. Yeah i'm sorry best one thing. I'm wrestling with the rest of the movies. No don't care but reading incur. It's company keeping you up at night. it is it's tough. These are the questions i ponder. Yeah yeah how about that. Lifetime really melatonin. You know like relax. Patrick were to weakens into a hallmark christmas movies. You've been joining that journey until lifetime gets up and running. How you feel about the slight You know. I think hallmark is doing something a little bit different. This year like I've seen so many queer characters Just all over the place. I got in trouble for one of them. I was like this kid is like so gay but There were like. How would you know that kids gave that kid like a kid. Like yeah i know but i was like a gay kid so i have a feeling i see. It was christmas and coyote. Coyote just precocious to be a not gay precocious while we were watching the movie. That's true we did said. He is quite the precocious young job with that much. Sassy basically saw like me as a child. So that's that's where i'm coming from. Anybody confused how a child could began like. I see a lot of stuff in this kid. Mary annoying adorable. He was very annoying. Yeah totally but yeah you know hamas doing their thing. They're the one that i liked. This weekend was with the texting. The secret texter. Well i won't. I won't there's a secret texter and there might be some set stain. Okay do okay. There is there. Is there well. After we had a deacon tell somebody in a church he wanted to really can't say that say that there's a line set in christmas in harmony. Did i don't know how young say that year. I don't know how well you know how mike system really going there this year homework homework. And i'm a veteran. My guys we have one more batch of lifetime. Christmas movies to preview couldn't be starting with december thirteenth. You guys ready to dive in stuart maps and mistletoe maps and mistletoe. That's premiering on december thirteenth pm. Eastern seven central patrick for your snoring humbly. I can't rewrite humber league gonzales and ronnie irani row row. Roddy roy what is going on is your boy. Ronnie ro- rodney rose excellent and watch all instagram's or motivational and they all start with what is going on. Is your boy ronnie rowe. He says it every time. And it's wonderful. I love that. It's his tagline that but that is humbly correct. Patrick you're seen humbly right. Hey i don't have this movie. I'm list at all so really. This is a surprise to me outside that well. Did you think that we are on the fourteenth. I have no idea. I don't i don't i've never heard of this movie. I don't know any of these people. I'm i'm on the ride. Well let me tell you about it. Amelia morton played humbly a Taga offer of school maps Has plans for core target for. You didn't know that word. I was starting to read as cartoonist. And then quickly realize it's not that as a cartographer Has plans for a cozy christmas at home until her boss has a last project for her. I wonder what is about. You think it's map related. I think probably designing a novelty treasure map of north pole on the back of the declaration of independence million size to seek out the Expertise of north pole. Explorer drew campbell. Who reluctantly agrees to help her. As the to work closely they discovered more than either of them ever expected. People are exploring new lands in twenty twenty one. I mean get out of here. Yeah irani rose. North police ronnie row as north pole explorer. I look what's the over under on ronnie rabin santa claus by this movie. I don't know but i do know that.

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