A highlight from 37. Tommy Beardmore & Adam DeCarlo 'Imposter Syndrome'

Before the Break


All righty. Here we are, back for another episode of before the break this week. It's just gonna be Tommy and I Tom how are you doing? I'm well. I'm well. You look tan. Are you pregnant? I am with child. It's a food baby. It's back from vacation in much needed vacation. It was fantastic. And you know, right back to that New York grind. Landed. That's true. Landed and had 6 fucking auditions and work and all that good stuff last week. It's busy busy busy. Welcome back. Oh yeah. Nothing lasts pal. Welcome back to the real world. Leaving vacation, you're just like, you get used to the relaxation and now you're like, fuck, I have to leave. You know, I just found out what scary Sundays. Sunday scary, scary Sundays? Yeah. Sunday scaries. Sunday skirt. And I didn't know that I was on I think I was on a date with someone. And I was like, what is that? And she was like, you know, like, a 9 to 5 corporate, whatever. What do you mean you just found out? I guess. Well, that's true. I'll say the phrase has been going on for many, many years and only in the last say two years that I actually ask what the hell does this mean? And it is Sunday before the work week where you have this horizon of death and darkness of the work. Halloumi, it's the looming time ahead. It's the yeah. Well, we don't really have that though, because every day is dark, isn't it? As an actor that's trying to make it in this industry. It's today scary. That's all it's called. Yeah, just the day. So what are we chatting about today? Well, you know what? I was thinking about, you know, this week we do not have a guess sometimes it'll just be Adam and I every maybe I don't know 8 or so guests. It'll just be he and I to kind of come back together and chat a bit about something and we have launched this really cool mentorship thing, this program and working at your prone. We've got to talk to a lot of students in some of these q-and-as and meetings and something that comes up a lot, man is this impostor syndrome and the struggle to believe that we deserve to be happy and working and and all those things that we wanted in life to come to fruition. It seems that we obviously are drawn to this business and we work really hard at it. But occasionally, there comes this voice into our heads that says, you really think you're going to do this or do you really believe that you're you deserve to be here or people are going to find out that you're just acting on intuition and you're a total fraud and all these other people who have done so much in training and performance, they're better equipped for this business than I am. It's just this doubt. It's doubt. And everybody has doubt no matter what business you're in. You have doubt about your capabilities, your competency, just you as a person. And I think that's very human, but I think it's also something that keeps actors from really walking into the room owning this idea that I deserve to be here. I've cast enough projects where people come in and it's just like, hi, yeah, I'm sorry. Thank you. I'm sorry. You know, and they're desperate to. Prove to themselves that

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