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The omicron COVID variant spreads to more countries a special report on the way The virus variant and economic concerns from the head of the fed speaking before Congress I'm Mitchell Miller today on the hill Former president Trump's one time chief of staff agrees to cooperate with the January cyst 6th House select committee At one 31 CBS News special report it is the 5th known variant of a disease the world has been dealing with for nearly two years It has not yet been detected in the United States It has been called a Macron by the WHO and it was named as the 5th of the SARS CoV-2 variants of concern President Biden's top U.S. infectious diseases expert doctor Anthony Fauci speaking moments ago The effect of this variant on transmission severity of disease and how well current vaccines treatments work remains speculative His words on the uncertainty of their strain comes as we learn the first cases of it were actually first detected in the Netherlands more than a week ago not South Africa as originally reported for Americans Doctor Fauci still says everyone should get a booster shot As we talk about boosters when you get a level high enough that you were gonna get at least some degree of cross protection particularly against severe disease CBS News special report I'm at piper WTO P at one 32 The chairman of the Federal Reserve is cautioning Congress that the new COVID variant could slow economic recovery more from Mitchell Miller today on the hill Fed chair Jerome Powell's economic red flag comes in testimony before the Senate banking committee The recent rising COVID-19 cases and the emergence of the amaran variant post downside risks to the employment and economic activity and increased uncertainty for inflation Powell says the inflation could last well into next year And he says growing concerns about the virus could make people less likely to work in person That could intensify disruptions in the supply chain that have frustrated consumers Treasury secretary Janet Yellen says the economy should continue to strengthen but improvement remains intertwined with the pandemic On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO P news New developments this afternoon former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has agreed to appear before the House select committee investigating the January 6th attack on the capitol Committee chair of Benny Thompson says Meadows has produced records for the panel and will soon appear for an initial deposition Meadows was former president Trump's top aide during the final months of his presidency He had been in talks with the committee in recent weeks after being issued a subpoena and under threat of a contempt of Congress charge The committee plans to consider a contempt charge however against former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark during a meeting tomorrow Meantime U.S. appeals court judges here in Washington are questioning the former president Trump's effort to keep records of his actions over the capitol riot secret Here's CBS's Allison keys A three judge panelists listening to mister Trump's appeal of a judge's ruling that the records of the former president's conversations and actions should be turned over to a congressional committee two of the judges wondered why mister Trump should get to make that call A House committee is asking for the records to understand any role mister Trump had in influencing the violence that day The former president sued the House committee and the national archives to try to stop the

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