How Republicans Could Lose the Missouri Senate Seat


Eric Erickson. Undermine big radio guy on news nation with our pal Leland last night, cut number 18. Eric, because you just have such a unique understanding of Republican politics, I want to get you on this. The Senate race in Missouri largely seen as a primary race between the attorney general there and the former governor there who had resigned in disgrace. His name's Eric brightons. Hugh Hewitt about his prominent of a Republican radio host as there is, president company excluded talk to president Trump earlier today about Brighton's take a listen. It's an endorse Eric greitens. That's a nightmare, mister president. We'll lose that seat. But that's Hugh Hewitt's opinion, not yours. Well, that's an interesting opinion. That's true. He's right now leading by quite a bit. I know, but we'll lose the seat. We will lose this. Okay. No people feel that. The president doesn't seem convinced, but it brings up this issue. How worried should Republicans be when they've got these great opportunities like the Latino poll that president Trump comes in and endorses primary candidates who have no chance of winning in the general? There's real worry. You've got Eric Schmidt near Greg and the battle of lyrics commented on now by Eric. And Schmidt is the attorney general. He's doing fairly well in the polls. Great and does well with the base because he's perceived to be victimized. He was hounded out of office while he was governor. But that's a problem because he Missouri does have a very independent minded base of voters headed into the general election. Eric is right. Look, I got nothing against right and except he melted down on this show and I asked him very straightforward questions. Eric crichton was about to be impeached because of his treatment of a woman in his basement who he found gag and according to her engagement unconscious intimate activity. He was wrongly prosecuted, I believe, by a craze left wing democratic prosecutor in St. Louis. But he just it's a disaster in a campaign. I know this stuff. I've been doing this a lot longer than almost anyone. If brightens at the nominee, in fact, Democrats will try and get right into be the nominee. I don't know who's gonna win. They're about 700 people on that. Eric Schmidt is tied with Eric greitens right now in the most reputable poll, but Billy long might get Donald Trump's endorsement. There are a couple other Congress people who are running. I'm just telling you Eric crichton's take a seat off the table. Democrats are going to control the Senate. They control the Senate. They can put anyone they want on the Supreme Court.

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